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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting


held Tuesday 8th August 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room



Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Rev Michael Hepper, Chris Lawton, Richard Sanderson, Cllr Karin Sedgwick, Sue Medley, Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Sandra Charles and Keith Garrard.


Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC.



1. Apologies had been received from:- Nigel Watson & Perry Gardner.



2. There were no declarations of interest.



Minutes and Matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed for approval by Chris Grayell, Seconded by Chris Lawton and approved by All for publication. 



Project Plan

Copies of the updated Project plans were distributed and we went through each one.

Gillian suggested that we arrange a workshop with Leah for later in the year, Nov/Dec to help us go through the data collected in readiness for preparing the Town Plan report.

Francis has sent an electronic version of the survey for us to test, she is testing various formats – eg phone use, pc use.



Copies of the latest budget sheet updated by Sandra from invoices received was distributed to everyone.

Printing quotes have been received by Chris Lawton.

Printing costs may be slightly more than our budgeted figure because of the design work.



Nothing to report in this heading


Press Articles

Nigel had written an article for inclusion in the next copy of Leyburn Life. A small amendment was agreed.


Marketing and Communications

Chris had launched the ‘coming soon’ survey campaign which was being very well received. Ian thanked Chris for his efforts.

Chris suggested that we have some banners made to advertise the survey coming. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea.

Ian had received some feedback regarding size of posters required, mostly A4 size was wanted in favour of A3. Ian will distribute posters to the Notice boards.

Re attendance at the Agricultural Show, it was agreed that those few attending would purchase their tickets.



Copies of the latest version of the survey with amendments from the last meeting incorporated were passed to all.

We went through the whole survey and further changes and amendments were agreed.

It was agreed to meet the following Wednesday morning at Penleys to review the survey with new amendments included.

We are aiming to start delivering surveys Tuesday 5 September.

The coffee shops have been approached to hold some stocks of paper surveys to encourage people to complete whilst they are in the shop.

Sandra has purchased boxes to be used to collect completed surveys in

premises agreed.



Lessons Learnt and Successes

Ian thanked Chris for his successful launch campaign, endorsed by all of the group.



Meeting ended at 8:45 p.m.








Dates of Steering Group meeting 2017

12th September 2017      10th October 2017             14 November 2017          12 December 2017









Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting


held Tuesday 9th May 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room



Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Rev Michael Hepper, Richard Sanderson,


Cllr Karin Sedgwick, Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Rev Chris Lawton, Keith Garrard 


Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC, Perry Gardner and Phil Reed.



1. Apologies had been received from:- Sandra Charles, Nigel Watson,



2. There were no declarations of interest.




Matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed for approval by Chris Grayell, Seconded by Richard Sanderson and approved by All for publication. 



Review of Survey


Generally, the Steering Group felt that the appearance of the Survey was dreary.  Purple Creative are looking at the layout with a view to making it more attractive by adding some colour.

The Font size was felt to be too small.  The grey background makes it difficult to read.

The booklet needs to be in A5 format to fit into ‘Leyburn Life’ – this will ease

distribution.  An extra page would make a considerable improvement to the text size - 16 pages instead of 12 pages.

Ian noted that we cannot meet the Leyburn Life deadline.  It is important to get it right rather than rush it out.  Aim for the June deadline.  All Agreed 

2,500 copies to be printed.  ‘Leyburn Life’ will distribute 1,500 copies, leaving an extra 1,000 for the surrounding villages.

15 pages, with double-sided printing would cost about £279 for 1000

It was suggested that we offer a cup of coffee for 1 in every 10 people completing the survey on line.

Survey Reviewed Question by Question

Opening paragraphs

Remove “Survey For Residents and Users.”  Replace with “Those who live, work and play in Leyburn”

The Action Plan needs to be set out near start - Better place to live and work and more welcoming to visitors.

We can omit the fact that the survey is going to every household

Fund-raising bodies as well as grants.

It needs either a Logo at the top - or a series of 3 photos - Old Leyburn, Current Leyburn, Future Leyburn - using the same view.  Photos should be digital.

Leave out the second paragraph including “If you want to receive details ..”

Take out the code (bottom right) since these are no longer used.  Use a shortened URL in its place.

For further information - contact to be changed from Ian Pace to the Town-led Plan email (@google mail)

Towlers (Hewsons), Kirkwood Hall, the Town Council Office, Milners and the Coop to be included in the list of drop-in places for the survey.  Mole Valley Store was also mentioned as an alternative to the Auction Mart. 

.  Remove the Pharmacy

Discussion of Questions

Question 1. seems to be the wrong question to begin with - too personal. There can be confusion over affordable housing - cheap housing for first home buyers - and Social  Housing for those who will only be able to rent. 

Put Question 1 after question 10  (see below)

275 is probably more accurate than 215 new homes.

Question 2. to be removed.  More in line with a neighbourhood plan.

Question 3. accepted

Question 4. What value is this if there are many different answers?  The Library Survey was insufficient. 

Question 5. Omit column, “No opinion” since this serves no purpose.  

Change all columns starting from Not Important through to Very Important in each case.

Question 6. Omit

Question 7. Accepted

Question 8.  Reword - “What services have you seen in other similar-sized communities that would really benefit Leyburn?”

Question 9. Accepted  Remove “no opinion” / “don’t know” from all questions

Question 10.  Keep to three columns throughout,  Dissatisfied as first column, satisfied, the second column and Very satisfied.

(Question 1 introduced here)

Question 11. Three columns (as above) Not important, Important and Very


Question 12. “Extended” speed limit might not be understood by everyone.  (Needs stress-testing to see if this works.)

Question 13.  Keep to three columns as above.  Dissatisfied as first column,

Satisfied as the second column and Very satisfied as third column.

Question 14.  Omit “No opinion”.  Start with “Not used”, followed by “Not

important” etc. 

Wensleydale Railway to be included. 

Do people know the difference between taxi services and private hire?  There are none of the former in Leyburn so omit Local Taxi Services from the list.

Question 15. Include Park and Ride.  Add in the sentence: “With this in mind, which one of the following options would you favour?” 

Question 16. Rearrange the order - Too high, About right, Too low.  

Question 17.  Not important, Important, Very important.  Add, “in the town


Question 18. Remove altogether.

Question 19. Five columns -  “Not important,” “Important,” “Very important,”

“Attended,” “Bring friends”

Remove “Do you visit these events?” and “Do you bring friends to these events?”

Question 21. to precede Question 20

Question 22. Remove this question.

Question 23. & Question 24  Accepted.

Add in another question (after Question 24) - “Please specify any other

facilities/activities you would like to see for families in Leyburn.”

Question 25. Not important, Important, Very important. 

Change “distance” to “Time taken to get to hospital”

Question 26. Take out e.g.. (and  only one question mark needed).

Question 27. Take out N/A

Question 28. Take out ‘No opinion’.  Change to “Would you like to see more

apprenticeships for young people?”

Question 29. Accepted  but leave out “No opinion” and “May be”

Question 30. Accepted but remove “May be”

Questions 31 - 34. Accepted

Questions 35 -40.  Accepted.

Question 41.  If employed, which sector do you work in?

Questions 42-23. Accepted.



Received the Report from Rita (Tees Valley Rural Community Council)  plus the

Invoice for £666.15 made up of 3 days attendance at launch events, data analysis and written report - £600 - plus travel at 0,45p per mile for 147 miles) £66.15.


Posters and Banner

Posters were passed around for approval in both A4 and A3.  

Marjorie to pay for a banner and pass the invoice to Ian. (£50)


Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign will be launched for a month and information sent out day on day.  This can be scheduled beforehand.  Good ideas and photos are needed.

Stories that include well-known people are particularly successful.


Lessons learnt and Successes



Meeting ended at 9:15 p.m.



Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings                            

13th June 2017             8th August 2017                       10th October 2017     12th December

11th July 2017              12th September 2017               14th November 2017               



Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting


held Tuesday 13th June 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room



Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Rev Michael Hepper, Sandra Charles, Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Karin Sedgwick &  Rev Chris Lawton.


Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC



1.Apologies had been received from:- Perry Gardner & Nigel Watson. Richard had messaged that he would endeavour to arrive later. We had not heard from Keith.



2. There were no declarations of interest.



The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Chris G, seconded by Chris L and agreed by everyone as a true and accurate record.




Matters arising

Ian informed the group that he had received a letter of resignation from Phil Reed, Phil was standing down due to illness and family commitments. Ian has sent a thank you letter to Phil for all that he has done for the group.


Project Plan

Sandra apologised for not providing an up to date Project Plan, it will be updated and distributed by the end of the month.

Ian gave a brief update on a meeting held on 30 May at Penleys. Sue Medley has agreed to join the Marketing sub group to assist with the social media.

Ian had received and email from Perry regarding Moles having a survey collection box but we should forward a letter so as to show a professional approach. After some discussion Ian suggested that he would visit the shop and speak to the manager.

The recent litter pick in town had been well attended despite it being a miserable day.



The Statement of costs to date had been distributed to the group, Ian went through the budget. There are a couple of areas where we will not use all that has been allocated and it was agreed that we should move a proportion to the marketing heading.


Consultation sub group


Press Articles


Marketing and Communications sub group-

The marketing sub group had subsequently met and have produced a superb ‘countdown to survey’ poster. It was agreed that these should be displayed in a couple of shops and on the market notice board , Ian volunteered to change the countdown number daily on the poster to be displayed on the market square notice board. It will be displayed at the beginning of July with the countdown to our 1st September launch. Sue will be doing a ‘have you completed the survey yet’ campaign in September and Perry is going to research how other towns have driven interest in their surveys to see if we can get ideas.

FB and Twitter will be used to advertise the survey.

The poster template has been received from Purple Creative, Ian showed us some example wording he had tried out and everyone is encouraged to come up with more ideas for wording on posters to cover – coming – complete the survey – only x days left etc.

It was agreed that offering a free coffee to the first 100 electronic completed surveys was a brilliant idea and could be a great marketing tool. Gillian encouraged us to follow closely quantities of survey completion so that we can tailor our marketing appropriately, boosting FB etc We may need to door knock to encourage completion.

Leyburn apathy was discussed and various ideas were mooted on how to approach this, possibly use a cartoon character?

Printing costs will be looked at by Chris L although he cannot get firm figures until we know the final number of pages. He will obtain 3 quotes.

Chris L and Michael are happy for us to advertise the coming survey at their stand which will be at the Leyburn Agricultural Show in August, it was agreed that this would be a good thing to do. We need to obtain a few tickets for the day. Volunteers will be needed on the day.

Marjorie is happy to have some posters advertising the survey at her photograph exhibition at the 1940’s weekend which will be in the Methodist Hall all weekend.

We can have our Town Plan banners displayed there too.

Michael and Karin were asked if they had recently been in contact with the schools, we want to retain their interest running up to the survey issue.

Karin will update the primary school on the current situation with dog waste bins as this was an issue they had raised with us.

There are now likely to be more dog waste bins available, Leyburn Council should re apply for one, Sally Dixon has recommended we do this and request bins for the new housing estates.

Are we sure that Richard and Nigel are working on the electronic short surveys for the schools? Gillian has a couple of questions on using the library that she would like inserted into the Youth surveys.

Marjorie will have a display in the Methodist Hall over the 1940’s weekend which will have many old photographs of Leyburn and history. Marjorie was reminded to forward her invoice for the advertising banner to Ian for reimbursement.



We discussed what length of time we should give for completion of the surveys. It was agreed that by allowing a month we would be able to use Leyburn Life to remind people to complete it. Therefore the final completion date would be by the end of the first week of October (Friday 6 Oct)

We must have the surveys printed by 22 August in order to meet the Leyburn Life distribution deadline.

We still need Richard to confirm which Prizes he had sourced, this is now v urgent  as the details are required to be entered onto the survey.

The Youth survey was discussed, was it on track to be issued at the same time as the main survey?


Lessons learnt and Successes

Having a good campaign now in place for advertising the coming survey is an encouraging achievement together with the excellent idea of offering free coffees for the first 100 electronic surveys completed.



Richard had not been able to attend so there was no update on the survey progress with Francis. As we had completed all other business the meeting closed at 8.20 pm



Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings                            

11th July 2017                          12th September 17     14th November 2017

8th August 2017                       10th October 2017       12th December 2017   


Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting held Tuesday 11th April 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak Room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Richard Sanderson, Karin Sedgwick, Marjorie Iveson, Nigel Watson, Chris Grayell, Rev Michael Hepper, Rev Chris Lawton, Keith Garrard and Sandra Charles.Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC

Apologies had been received from:- Perry Gardner and Phil Reed. There were no declarations of interest.

Matters arisingThe minutes of the previous meeting were proposed for approval by Karin, Seconded by Michael and approved by All for publication.

Project Plan Sub Group
Nothing to report. It was agreed to concentrate on going through the draft survey at this meeting.

BudgetJulie had not had the time to update the budget spreadsheet fully, a basic list had been received which includes the amount spent to date and Sandra would update the budget asap. Sandra will now do this every month based on data received from Julie.

Consultation sub group
The Consultation group had not had a recent meeting, Phil had confirmed that the library had agreed to have a survey collecting box and had sent through details of boxes we could purchase.

Press ArticlesNothing to report.

Marketing & Communications sub group
The 2nd marketing media training session is set up for Monday 8th May. It will be held at Purple Creative premises, start time is 7pm. There is room for more people, if you wish to attend please notify Sandra or Chris by Thursday 4 May. Chris was asked to ask Purple Creative to design posters for us to advertise the survey – coming soon, where the collection points are, last few days. Perhaps the ‘last few days’ could be a strip which we could fix across the posters? We need these posters urgently. Facebook - Chris asked if we could think of some subjects/posts that would engage our audience like the old photo had done. It is important to keep people interested.

Survey Sub Group
The Final version of the survey will need to be completely ready for distribution by the 22nd May if we want to have it distributed via Leyburn Life. Trixie has suggested that we meet at Thornborough Hall to fold and put inside Leyburn Life, Julie & Mary have offered help with this if required. Ian distributed printed copies of the revised draft survey. Richard informed us that he has sent a copy to Purple Creative to request a costing for design and printing. He has also sent a copy to RDC requesting the same thing. Purple Creative confirmed that they would do Design only. Richard informed us that the draft survey has been sent to Francis for her comments and input, he reminded us that she works part time. We went through the draft survey in sequence, Nigel will make the amendments. There followed a short discussion on the practicalities of going house to house to chase up completed surveys. Although this is a time-consuming thing to do it could make a huge difference to the numbers of completed surveys we would get. It was therefore agreed that we would try to do this. We will each need to cover sections of Leyburn, Ian suggested bringing a map to our next meeting for this purpose. We discussed where to have collecting boxes for completed surveys, we decided not to have too many, CoOp, Towlers, Campbells, Medical Centre, Library, the Town Council letter box and Kirkwood Hall would be sufficient. Nigel had confirmed at our last meeting that the Medical Centre are happy to have a collecting box. Phil had confirmed that the Library will have a box. Chris L suggested that we try to use Middlehams ‘The Bridge’ for distribution. Richard said that he knew someone that he could ask for us .Richard confirmed that Francis will create our online surveys. There had been some progress on gathering prizes as incentives for completion of the survey, Karin has obtained x2 Family Tickets for The Forbidden Corner and will chase up Wensleydale Railway again. Richard will approach some of Leyburn’s restaurants for either a meal voucher or deal. Keith agreed to provide a £100 voucher for use in Milners if we paid £50 for it. Nigel proposed that we accept this offer, Michael seconded, Keith abstained from voting as he had a declared interest, the whole group voted in agreement to this. Richard would approach Serendipity Interiors and Campbells to ask if they would do a similar thing for us, maybe provide a £50 voucher if we pay £25.It was agreed that the paragraph on data protection should go at the end of the survey. Sandra was asked to forward the relevant wording which had been provided by Leah a while ago onto Nigel. The order of the importance boxes was queried, it was decided that Francis was the best person to advise us if they need to be ordered Left to Right or Right to Left. It was agreed that ‘the town’ should be changed to Leyburn throughout the survey. It was agreed to re order some of the questions to make answering them more logical. Gillian advised us that the data protection paragraph would cover us asking for volunteer contact details. It was agreed to move all of the sections about volunteering to the end of the survey providing a list of all volunteering opportunities and remind people to provide contact details. Michael and Chris L asked if the Good Neighbour scheme could be added to the volunteer opportunities list, Nigel agreed to do this but requested some background information on the scheme. There was some discussion over the wording on car parks and parking schemes. It was agreed that the RDC car park would be more easily recognised if labelled as the Leyburn Long Stay car park. Nigel was asked to double check car park charges effective as of 1st April 2017. Ian suggested that a small working group should agree the changes discussed today and sign off the survey within 2 weeks’ time. This was proposed by Chris L, seconded by Karin, everyone agreed.

Lessons learnt and Successes
Nothing discussed.

AOB Sandra asked about the survey testing group, were they to test this version or wait for the Final version? It was agreed to wait for the Final version but it would have to be a paper version therefore we would need addresses to send it out. Chris G informed us that he was going to see a sign writer re his project for improving Leyburn signage.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings

9th May 2017 13th June 2017 11th July 2017 8th August 2017 12th September 2017
10th October 2017 14th November 2017 12th December 2017

Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting held Tuesday 14th March 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak Room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Karin Sedgwick, Marjorie Iveson, Nigel Watson, Chris Grayell, Rev Michael Hepper, Richard Sanderson and Sandra Charles.

1. Apologies had been received from:- Gillian Wall, Perry Gardner and Chris Lawton.
2. There were no declarations of interest.

3. Matters arising The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by All for publication.

4. Project Plan Sub Group
There had not been a meeting since February, they are due quarterly. The group went through each of the Sub group Project Plans. Printing cost estimates are required.

A reminder that the business surveys will need to be individually delivered so that we can assist and encourage completion.

Distribution via Leyburn Life – what is the deadline to get to Trixie?

It was agreed to ask Purple Creative to come up with some visuals for the surveys to make it appealing. To ease the burden on Chris it was agreed that Richard would approach PC about this.

Nigel informed us that the Medical Centre had agreed to put up posters advertising the survey and they will also be happy to have a collecting box for completed surveys.

Do we know how many people Francis will need to help with input of the completed surveys?

There was a discussion on how we can boost interest and remind people to complete the surveys. Karin suggested that we follow up posters with “last few days” sign attached across existing poster, it was agreed as a very good idea. We can also ‘boost’ our Facebook postings.

Marjorie mentioned how helpful a new shop owner in Middleham was and it was agreed that the shop was a good place to advertise and have a collecting box. Marjorie has nearly completed her write up on Leyburn history ready for inclusion in the Town Plan report. It could be longer than 2 pages as it is difficult to reduce down without cutting some of the history out altogether.

It was agreed that an old photo from the many collected together by Marjorie would be ideal for the front of the surveys. Marjorie will forward a few electronic copies to Purple Creative for them to select one. Ian requested that the Prizes to be offered for completion of the surveys be confirmed to the group at our April meeting.

5. Budget
We had not received an updated Budget spreadsheet due to Julie being on holiday but we have not spent much more than last month.

6. Consultation sub group
The Consultation group had not had a recent meeting, no update had been received from Phil.
7. Press Articles The article prepared for the March issue of Leyburn Life was forwarded in good time for publication but we were notified that the March issue was already full therefore it was not published. Sandra posted the Article onto our Facebook page. It was agreed that Nigel would prepare and Article for the May issue of Leyburn Life based on the successful Leyburn litter pick. 7 members of the Steering Group had attended.

8. Marketing & Communications sub group
Chris was not able to attend this meeting due to illness. Marketing training with Purple Creative – the session set up for 2nd March had been cancelled at the last minute due to people being unable to attend. New dates have been distributed to the group, a final choice of date by Chris is required. Chris spoke at the last Town Council meeting about the children’s request for more Dog Waste bins. Karin updated the group on feedback from the Dog Warden – the Dog Waste collection scheme is at full capacity and therefore no further Dog Waste bins will be allowed. However, stickers have been provided to inform the public that dog Waste can be put into all waste bins. Karin will take some of these stickers into the school and let them know why they won’t be seeing any new bins.

9. Survey Sub Group Richard updated the group on the revisions which had been made to the survey format, some sections had been reduced, some sections combined, irrelevant questions had been removed. Nigel had begun the re write and was aiming to forward the revised version to the steering group before the end of this month. 2 further questions have been added, one relates to the library changes, Nigel will contact Gillian about the survey already carried out for Leyburn Library. Comments from the SG are encouraged, there will be a deadline and then the survey will be forwarded to Francis, Gillian and Leah for their comments and advice. Richard will continue to work on the separate Youth survey, working towards the same deadline as the resident’s survey. Karin, Michael and Sandra agreed to keep in contact with the schools to encourage participation, it is expected that the schools will complete the Online version of the youth survey. There was a brief discussion on prizes for completion of the survey and it was agreed that there would be different prizes for the students from those for the adults. It was hoped that a prize of a voucher for a meal could be obtained as the Business survey prize. The mechanics of how the prizes would be awarded had not been finalised but it was noted that some surveys would be completed online and some by paper versions. The surveys will need to be tested, at the Drop In events we gathered details of people who would help us to test the surveys.

10. Lessons learnt and Successes
Nothing discussed.

11. AOB Ian reported that the Leyburn Litter Pick on 4th March had been well supported, 7 of the Steering Group were there. A few very bad areas had been found - around waste ground close to Hudspeth Carpets, the lane and wooded area between Wensleydale school and Woodside and also around the Auction Market. It was thought that further litter picks should happen especially prior to Leyburn events such as the Food Festival, Ian would pass on our feedback.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings
11 April 2017 11th July 2017 10th October 2017
9th May 2017 8th August 2017 14th November 2017 13th June 2017 12th September 2017 12th December 2017

Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meetingheld Tuesday 14th February 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Karin Sedgwick, Rev Michael Hepper,Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Phil Reed, Perry Gardner, Rev Chris Lawton, Sandra Charles.Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC.

1.Apologies had been received from:- Nigel Watson, Keith Garrard and Richard Sanderson.
2. There were no declarations of interest.

3. Matters arisingThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved by All for publication.

4.Project Plan
Ian reported that the quarterly Project Planning meeting took place on 9 Feb, all of the Project Plans were gone through in detail and updated versions have been distributed to the Sub Group leaders.

5. Budget
The latest spreadsheet of expenditure had been distributed to the group.

6.Consultation sub group
Karin updated us on her success in gaining some McDonald’s vouchers for the Primary School class that had given us such good feedback and ideas for Leyburn. Karin and Michael will take the vouchers along to the class as soon as possible.Karin mentioned that one of the ideas from the children was for more dog waste bins and asked that we approach Leyburn council to provide a bin and to show the children that they are being listened to. Chris agreed to make this request at the next Council meeting on behalf of the group.The history article required for the Town Plan was discussed, Marjorie has plenty of information to produce this but it will need summarising at a later date to fit into the Town Plan report.Ian gave a brief report on the meeting with the Parish Councillors, although the turnout was disappointing those that came asked a lot of questions and showed interest. Some offered to put up posters for us and have collecting boxes for surveys. We need to follow this up with them.The views of the children from the Primary School had been distributed to the group, Karin suggested that there were several possible business opportunities within their ideas which merited consideration at a later time. Perhaps an article in the local press could be considered at our next meeting?

7.Press Articles
The group approved the article prepared by Sandra for the March edition.Karin now knew someone who would be happy to prepare a Leyburn Quiz for the front cover, Trixie has accepted quizzes produced by other people in the past.The school Debate event organised by Karin had attracted at least 6 items of publicity in various formats all mentioning the Town Plan, a very positive outcome and thank you to Karin for organising it all.

8.Marketing & Communications sub groupPerry had produced and distributed to the group a flyer based on contacting stakeholders. There was a discussion on who the stakeholders are and how we use the flyer. Further discussions led to a need for clarification on who and how we were contacting businesses. It was decided that a vote was required for either Option 1 – forwarding the “3 Questions to businesses’ or Option 2 – Visit businesses with the survey and be there to answer any questions and encourage participation. The result of the vote was to go with Option 2Chris L confirmed that the next media training session is on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 7pm. Anyone who has not already notified him or Sandra of their interest should do so as quickly as possible.Chris showed us the updated version of branding for Facebook and said that they were close to completing the branding which we would be able to use ourselves for advertising.He has gone through the contract with Purple Creative and there does not seem to be a need for any amendments at the moment. The amounts budgeted are adequate.

9. Survey Sub Group
Richard gave a brief update on the survey progress, he has emailed the first draft and comments from Frances to the Steering Group. He encourages comments from the group, they have concentrated on the resident’s survey first.Gillian has forwarded other Parish council’s surveys to the group for comparison.There was a discussion on the slow progress of the survey, with concerns that we are slipping behind schedule and perhaps off course. We are working towards a mostly complete survey by the deadline of 14 March. It was agreed that the Survey Sub Group needed additional help, Ian & Perry would assist. Additional meetings before our next main meeting are needed to agree the content, length of survey, wording of questions and Frances needs to be at one of these at least. Observations were: - we need to be careful not to ask leading questions, should we only ask questions that will give answers to things that can be changed?The gathering of personal information should be at the end of the survey and not the beginning.It was agreed to arrange a survey group meeting for 27 February. Ian & Perry would attend with Richard, Nigel and Chris G.

10. Lessons learnt and Successes
The school Debate event was a huge success. We should not be afraid to go with the best cost effective prices as we are using public money(Ref PC)

Perry asked how community’s gained funding for pursuing projects. Gillian suggested that we ask Leah for some examples.The group were invited to attend the Leyburn Litter Pick of Saturday 4th March, 10am at the bus shelter.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings
14 March 2017 13th June 2017 12th September 201711 April 2017 11th July 2017 10th October 20179th May 2017 8th August 2017

Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meetingheld Tuesday 17th January 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Perry Gardner, Richard Sanderson,Sandra Charles, Rev Michael Hepper, Keith Garrard, Rev Chris Lawton, Karin Sedgwick,
Nigel Watson, Phil Reed and Chris Grayell.Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC

1.Apologies had been received from:- Marjorie Iveson

2. There were no declarations of interest.The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Richard Sanderson, Seconded by Perry Gardner. All in favour.

3. Matters arisingIan welcomed everyone, he hoped everyone had enjoyed a good break but now we need to focus on what needs doing.Ian informed the group that our Project Leader Tina had decided not to continue working with us. Project Management will now be covered between Sandra & Ian, we may need to request additional time/assistance from Leah which we have the budget for.It was agreed not to pursue a Skills Audit as we are too far along in the project for it be worthwhile. Action Ref: 08/01 ClosedLeah has confirmed that the group does not need to sign any document re Data Protection . Gillian suggested checking www.ICO.gov.uk .We do need to ensure appropriate wording is included on the Survey we distribute, Leah has provided example wording to Ian. Action Ref: 12/01 Completed

4.Project Plan
Sandra has provided simplified versions of the Project Plan, sub divided into our Sub Groups. Action Ref: 12/02 CompletedEach Sub group now urgently needs to work on their Project Plan and convene a meeting so that they can provide a progress report to the Steering Group meeting of 14 February.We went through the whole Project Plan and agreed items that were now complete and others which require amended due dates. Sandra will update the Main Project Plan. Marjorie will be asked if she can provide the short write up to us for insertion into the final plan.

5. Budget
The Statement of costs to date had been distributed to the group, the format now meets that required by Gillian. There were no issues with the budget.

6.Consultation sub group
Action ref: 12/10 – Perry informed us that he and Chris L are having a meeting with Purple Creative on Wednesday 25th January re Stakeholders.It was proposed that all contact with Purple Creative should be by either Chris & Perry only as too many people contacting them was confusing for them.Distribution of the survey was discussed, Leyburn distribution will be via Leyburn Life.
Karin volunteered to distribute to Harmby & Spennithorne with the help of Gillian. It was agreed that we should also distribute by hand to Middleham.We have invited Parish councillors to an informal meeting on Thursday 26 January at Thornborough Hall to start at 7pm. Sandra has sent an email and Ian will chase up by phone. Karin offered to invite Roger Harrison-Topham.The Drop In Event data had been received and was discussed, Richard and Nigel would look at it in greater detail for incorporation into the survey drafts. Gillian will chase up the formal report of the data from Rita.Karin read out the results from the completed 3 Questions from Charlie Barnett Wensleydale School, which the children had completed. Sandra to distribute a copy to all.Michael and Karin updated the group on their visit to one of the classes in Leyburn Primary School which had gone very well on Monday morning. Michael read out some of the suggestions from the children some of which were very sensible and achievable.

8.Press Articles
Nigel was thanked for preparing an article for Leyburn Life which is to advertise the survey coming in Spring. Ian had expanded the theme. A small adjustment was suggested and then everyone agreed the text. It will be published in the February issue of Leyburn Life.Chris L suggested that we Post the article onto Facebook as well and asked Sandra to do this.Karin suggested that Marjorie may help with creating a front cover quiz for a future issue of the Leyburn Life if Trixie were in agreement, it would be based on Leyburn town history. It was agreed that Marjorie was best qualified and knowledgeable having been busy gathering and collating the history of Leyburn which will form part of the final report.

9.Marketing & Communications sub group
Phil was asked to look into which places where we could display information about the coming survey.Ian suggested we ask Purple Creative to provide a Poster design for us, perhaps with a countdown to the date.It was also suggested we contact Joe Willis to publicise the coming survey.Ian suggested that once we have the final version of the survey we each take a survey to 5 Businesses and stay with them whilst it is completed.We have realised that our contract with Purple Creative needs an adjustment to cover the extra items we would like help with. Chris & Perry will discuss with them on Wednesday 25th January.Chris L explained how a Boost to a Facebook post works, Purple Creative would know when and how to activate this at the appropriate time, it is a minimal cost which the group agreed would be a spend that was well worthwhile.Karin confirmed that the date for the school Debate to be held in the Oak Room is Friday 3rd February. There is a strict timeframe which must be kept to, everyone is to be seated no later than 13.45 for the 2pm start. As there is a space restriction there is a limit of a 50/50 split of the invited audience between school children and adults.This event is not open to the public, only those invited by Karin, who is co-ordinating, may attend.Karin presented the details of how the debate would run. Dawn Accounts had agreed to provide some refreshments. The students must leave by 3.05pm to catch their buses home. This event is showcasing the children’s debating skills, they have won prizes and are keen to do well. The Steering Group wanted to support them in this, hence the event being set in motion by Karin and Charlie. Ian and the group congratulated Karin on instigating this event with the school.Chris L informed us that our Web site now has it’s first Blog, and thanked Nigel for writing it. They intend to continue the theme of mini interviews with local people perhaps using ‘off the wall’ subjects.Chris L will source a Pull Up Banner as soon as the branding is formalised with Purple Creative.Our Facebook page continues to attract a good audience considering how new it all is to those Posting and Sharing. Keep up the good work, original posts seem to attract more people than Sharing does but it is all good.Chris G updated the group on his recent presentation to Leyburn Town Council on Leyburn signage, he said that he had received encouraging feedback and would continue to research possible improvements to Leyburn signage.

10.Survey Sub Group
Action Ref: 10/02 re prizes. Richard & Karin have a few good ideas for sourcing prizes which they will follow up and report back to the group.Richard and Nigel are working hard on the draft surveys. Richard read through one of the drafts which they have prepared from feedback already received and examples from other Town Plans. He will have a further draft ready for our next meeting.

11.Lessons learnt and Successes

12.Ian advised the group that Leyburn Councillor Borman had recently presented to Leyburn Town Council some issues that residents had made him aware of relating to Parking problems in Leyburn. He will be researching legalities and will liaise with our group for solutions as he knows that this is a topic we are also interested in.Ian reminded everyone that in the interest of keeping things moving along, when receiving emails on LTP business it is important to respond even if it is just to acknowledge receipt to the sender.Ian reminded everyone that we must have some Sub Group meetings before our next Steering Group Meeting.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings
14 February 2017 9th May 2017 8th August 201714 March 2017 13th June 2017 12th September 201711 April 2017 11th July 2017 10th October 2017

Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room
Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Perry Gardner, Richard Sanderson, Sandra Charles, Rev Michael Hepper, Keith Garrard, Rev Chris Lawton, Marjorie Iveson, Nigel Watson.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC
Tina Chamberlain – Rural Life
1.Apologies had been received from:- Karin Sedgwick and Phil Reed
2. There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Richard Sanderson, Seconded by Marjorie Iveson. All in favour.
Matters arising
Project Plan
The outstanding action of finding a solution for Data storage was discussed, Chris Lawton gave some detail on what exactly was required and explained that DropBox was not working for everyone, it had caused problems on personal PC’s. Gillian offered to arrange for some storage via the NYCC for Final documents, it cannot be used for document sharing. Sandra agreed to be responsible for adding documents and will be provided with a user account.
There followed a discussion around data protection and it became apparent that the group was required to sign a declaration for data collected to be used by the Leyburn Town Plan group and by RDC. Tina agreed to follow this up.
Chris confirmed that Purple Creative have set up a general email account for us via gmail, we can use this for answering questions and contacting people who pass on their email details.
The outstanding action on distributing a Skills Audit was discussed, it was agreed that the group still required this to be carried out. Tina agreed to approach Leah for a more simplified version to distribute to the group asap.
Ian requested that a simplified version of the Project Plan was produced, ideally split down to show relevant points per Sub Group and with Completed and Closed Lines Hidden. Hence out of one huge Project Plan there would be several smaller documents. If any subjects did not fall naturally into the Sub Groups then they would have to be dealt with separately. The hard copies to be printed onto A3 size paper – could they be posted to Ian? They are need before our January meeting.
Ian had received figures from Julie although not in the format requested by Gillian. He would liaise with Julie for next month. He informed us of the spend to date.
The contract with Purple Creative is now in place which will enable payment of their invoice. Ian requested sight of the Project Manager’s contract.
Benchmarking Survey
Nigel was thanked for his outstanding effort in producing a comprehensive report
of Secondary Sources of the Town Benchmarking of 2015. Nigel gave an overview of his report – it suggests that Leyburn is in a good place, the population of over 65’s is twice the national average, Leyburn is popular with visitors but their stays only average 2 hours. Visitors were less than impressed with customer service in the town. The over 60’s are generally healthier than national average although there is a larger than average over 60’s living alone so potentially there are loneliness issues. There is a lower than average number of people receiving benefits, it is important that they are not marginalised. The growth of Tennants could have a detrimental affect on the Town with visitors going only there and not coming into the town at all.
Consultation sub group
There is an outstanding action re a local radio interview, we need to check with Phil if this is going ahead.
Karin had sent in an update on her discussions with Wensleydale school, she had had a productive meeting with Charlie Barnett who is agreeable for his debating class to hold a debate at Thornborough Hall in January, a suitable subject is yet to be agreed. It is hoped to use a subject taken from the feedback gathered from our November drop in events but we may not receive the data in time.
Charlie Barnett confirmed that the children had completed some surveys for us and would send on the information. We may not be able to receive the actual surveys in which case we will receive a summary.
Michael updated us on his meeting with Sue Beveridge of the Primary school. There had been a misunderstanding over which schools were assisting us with the Plan, she has agreed that she would welcome a visit from a few of us with our Map so that we can gain more feedback from this age group.
Re the feedback report from our November drop in events. Tina and Gillian informed the group that unfortunately Rita had been unable to produce this for us yet due to a family bereavement. It was hoped that we would be sent the report within a few weeks. Ian requested that the report be distributed to the group at least a week before the January meeting. Tina will request Rita to attend our January meeting to go through the data with us.
Re the Signage around Leyburn – it was agreed to re visit this at a later date although some discussion from the town could be generated via Facebook posts?
Press Articles
Karin has included an article about the Town Plan in her latest Newsletter, this has been delivered to every Leyburn household.
Nigel was asked to provide an article for the new year issue of Leyburn Life along the lines of “survey is coming, don’t miss your opportunity to have your say”
Marketing & Communications sub group
Chris Lawton was pleased with the session held with Purple Creative which had gone well although he noted that for some it was a lot of information to take in in one go. He is very happy to give one on one assistance to anyone who wants it for either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, just ask him. There is another session available with Purple Creative, Chris will liaise with Purple Creative and suggest
17th or 18th January.
Chris reminded us that when commenting on Leyburn Town Plan Facebook it is important to Comment as yourself and not LTP – otherwise it looks as though LTP is talking to itself!
He encourages us to SHARE items to get as big an audience as possible. Wensleydale Creamery have said they are happy to ReTweet and Chris is going to meet with Milners social media person.
The Leyburn Town Plan Web site needs growing, it favours longer articles and possibly interviews. He suggested Phil or Marjorie may be interested in speaking to people to create some content for the page, or Phil may have some content from previous interviews with local businesses.
Sandra offered to assist Chris with looking after the Web site.
We need some volunteers from our group to start using Twitter and/or Instagram, if this is you please contact Chris who will help you.
Ian informed the group that Trixie has agreed that our survey can be distributed with the Leyburn Life but we will need to fold them and insert them ready for delivery.
Ian informed the group that we have had some interest from 2 Parish councils so far, he suggested that we set up a session at Thornborough Hall and invite all councillors in the area along to a Presentation, possibly mid to end January.
Gillian and Tina informed the group that they had been to see Purple Creative about improving branding for the Town Plan. Some examples were handed out for consideration. There was discussion as to why no one from the Marketing sub group had been invited to attend with them and the resulting STOP put onto ordering a pull up banner, apparently, this had been the result of a misunderstanding. Chris was concerned that we were duplicating the work of Purple Creative by not keeping in contact with each other.
Chris requested a few more volunteers to join the Marketing group as they were short of people having failed to get the expected support from Wensleydale school. Nigel agreed to help if he was available.
If anyone else is able to help Chris please let him know asap.
Survey Sub Group
Richard has been looking at other village Plans for ideas on presentation and questions, he has been working on a draft survey. He said that approaching businesses to donate prizes as incentives for completion of the survey was something to look into next year.
Making progress with the Stakeholders list was discussed. It was agreed that a simplified, thinned down list was required. It would be best to concentrate on those not previously approached. Keith suggested that we ask Purple Creative for help with how we approach the Stakeholders. Perry and Chris L would set up a meeting with Purple Creative.
Richard suggested that when the survey is ready for distribution we should take this to the businesses and complete it with them, it needs to be a concise survey not too many pages otherwise busy people will not want to complete it.
Lessons learnt and Successes
The Town Plan Facebook and working with Purple Creative had been recent good successes.
Apathy is a challenge and also an opportunity.
We need to improve our internal communications!
Chris Lawton mentioned local entrepreneur Hannah Russell, and what a brilliant job she had done of organising the Christmas Fayre. Richard agreed and it was suggested that she be approached to get involved with our social media.

Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 15th November 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room
Those in attendance: Richard Sanderson, Sandra Charles, Michael Hepper,
Christopher Grayell, Karin Sedgwick, Keith Garrard, Perry Gardner, Phillip Reed and
Rev Chris Lawton.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC
Phil Upton and Sarah Comerford - Purple Creative
The meeting was Chaired by Richard Sanderson.
1.Apologies were received from:- Ian Pace, Nigel Watson, Marjorie Iveson and
Tina Chamberlain.
2. There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Chris Grayell , Seconded by Michael Hepper. All in favour.
Matters arising
Richard gave a brief outline of how we had come to approach Purple Creative to help us with Marketing and welcomed Phil Upton and Sarah Comford from Purple Creative. Phil gave us an overview of their firm then Sarah explained how she will help us to engage target audiences via social media. There will be training on how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A monthly programme of items/topics will be needed so that data and content is available to post on a daily basis, this way we can build up interest and momentum. Volunteers are needed to opt for either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to concentrate on. Several people will be able to Edit/Add content to each account. Sarah will help us to get started, show us how to market the Leyburn Town Plan, how to understand and collect the feedback. It was agreed to hold the training at Purple Creative premises to be sure of a reliable broadband connection.
It was agreed to hold the training on Tuesday 22nd November, meet at Market shelter bus stop by 6.30 for lifts with Chris L or Richard. Bring a device such as tablet, laptop.
Project Plan
Tina had identified the following outstanding items via email –
Skills Audit to be completed by Steering Group members – Tina will send out a form.
Data Sharing – Tina will contact Gillian about trying to set up a data sharing portal using NYCC shared space as several of us have found that DropBox slowed their PC to unmanageable.
Ian will be attending a Contract meeting with Gillian on 16 November
Outstanding items from the Project Plan were, Survey work, Stakeholder work and Marketing – Comms training.
Gillian reminded us that we should pass her a report of spend on the budget at least quarterly. Request that Julie provides an update by our next meeting.
Benchmarking Survey
Nigel had provided a document but was not able to attend this meeting. Sandra was asked to re send this document in a PDF format as some people had not been able to access it. Richard commented that there was a lot of interesting reading in it and we were all encouraged to find time to read prior to our next meeting.
Consultation – First impressions of Drop In’s
Richard thanked everyone for all their efforts in making the drop in’s a success.
87 people were counted attending over the 3 sessions which was encouraging. Similar numbers attended each session which seemed to suggest that our timings fitted for people. There were good quality conversations, a variety of comments had been captured via post it’s and the notes alongside the model. Marjorie’s history boards were popular and helped with starting conversations. Rita will provide a full report of all the comments and views for our next meeting.
From those who completed slips 48 wanted to be kept informed
44 were willing to volunteer to test a survey
18 wanted to help with the town plan
It was agreed that we had not attracted the youth and it is something that we need to address. We also need to find ways to engage with a larger proportion of people, young families, 30 – 50’s age group and local businesses.
Keith & Karin will approach the schools again, perhaps we could attend an open evening to explain what we are doing.
Concerns were expressed about how long it will be before we will be seen to have achieved anything. There is a lot of anger about Parking issues, the locality feel let down by previous similar surveys where nothing actually happened, nothing changed. A large proportion of attendees feel that our town plan will go the same way. Gillian, Richard & Keith assured us that producing a robust plan, including substantial evidence which proposes solutions that we are prepared to follow through is the way forward.
Chris G had prepared a report on Leyburn signage following comments collected from the 3 Questions survey in August with suggestions for improvements. Sandra was asked to scan this report and distribute to the group for comments.
Press Articles
There had been a positive article complete with photo in the D&S about the Drop In events.
Marketing & Communications
Training sessions now set up. Chris L explained that the Town Plan web site is there but he needs some information to put on it, Karin offered to forward photo’s from Philip(D&S). Purple Creative will advise us on setting up the Web site and a Facebook page
Lessons Learnt and Successes
See Consultation section and comments above.
Sandra was asked to email details of the planned marketing training to the whole of the Steering Group.
It was agreed that we should send a letter of thanks to the Primary School for their work on producing the model for our Drop In events.
Dates of 2016/2017 Steering Group Meetings
13 December 2016
10 January 2017
14 February 2017
14 March 2017
11 April 2017

Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 11th October 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Sandra Charles, Michael Hepper,
Christopher Grayell, Richard Sanderson, Marjorie Iveson, Karin Sedgwick, Tina Chamberlain, and Keith Garrard.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC

1.Apologies were received from:- Nigel Watson, Chris Lawson, Julie Forrest and Perry Gardner.

2. There were no declarations of interest.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Richard Sanderson, Seconded by Chris Grayell. All in favour.

3. Matters arising
IP confirmed dates for the Planning for Leyburn event were the evening of Monday 7th November and 2 day sessions on Tuesday 8th November, to be held in Thornborough Hall in the Oak Room.
TC had brought along some kits which would help us at our Event, cut outs for adding to the model & explained some possible pitfalls and many things we should put in place and consider. It was agreed that a sub committee was required to plan the event. Volunteers for the Planning for Leyburn event sub group were – Lead IP, PR,MI,SC & CG. There is budget for this event.
Publicity is the first priority, posters, flyers, local newspaper articles etc.
There followed discussion on how the event may be run.
KS offered to speak to Wensleydale School to see if there was a group interested in participating in the event with us.
TC was asked to provide sample advertising material if there is any.
RS reminded us that Trixie would be able to provide Printing.
KS offered to ask her Wheels & Marbles group to assist with refreshments.
Various headings for the Event are – Community focus, Health & Wellbeing, Leisure, Traffic & Transport, Libraries, Housing and more.
IP was pleased to inform us that the meeting with the Town Council had gone very well and they have agreed to fully support the final Town Plan.
IP informed us of a progress meeting of sub group leaders, Phil has been very busy visiting potential distribution points.
It was agreed that we should invite local councillors to the Planning for Leyburn events.

Action SC– Set up meeting for planning Event.
Action KS
Ask for article in D&S

Action SC – Email local councils.
4. Project Plan
We are on schedule.

5. Budget
IP confirmed that the grant had now been received by the Town Council on our behalf, Julie is managing this for us.

6. Consultation – update
IP said that we need to think about how we are going to approach businesses to speak to them about the survey. RS agreed to approach businesses re the possibility of providing prizes as incentives for completion of the survey.

Action RS
Approach businesses re prizes.
7. Press Articles
IP referred us to an Article which NW had kindly agreed to write, KS was asked to arrange for publication via D&S.
We should be thinking about articles for December, a review of our November event.
KS offered to put a short article in the Newsletter which she writes ¼ ly.
Action KS
Submit article for D&S
Action KS
Include an article in Newsletter
Action KS
Ask D&S attend Event photo’s

8. Marketing & Communications
CL was unable to attend due to illness – RS updated on HotToddi progress which was stalling due to being unable to contact the firm. KG suggested another firm which he had experience of – Purple Creative, he agreed to approach them if we are unable to set up training with HotToddi.
We do not know if there has been progress with the new Web site, appears blank.
Action TC Forward brief for marketing training to KG
Action CL
Update group on new Web site.
9 Survey Group – update
RS said they had met with Francis and received some good pointers, the next step for them is to provide sample questions to Francis. We need a small group to Test the surveys before finalisation, MH suggested his congregation would assist.
10. Lessons Learnt and Successes
We need to concentrate on gaining support from businesses.
We now need a big push to promote and prepare for the Event

11. AOB
MI had brought along part of her history project to show the group, the old maps are enthralling, it is very interesting and we should make sure we display it well at our Event.

Dates of 2016/2017 Steering Group Meetings
8 November 2016 14 February 2017
13 December 2016 14 March 2017
10 January 2017 11 April 2017

ACTIONS from previous meetings
Date of Action Brief Description WHOM Progress
10/05/16 To gain Stronger Communities funding a‘Planning for real’ event is required ALL Provision has been made in the budget.Event being planned.
Action Ongoing
10/05/16 Data storage required - CL Action part completed
CL has taken on
Action Ongoing
14/06/16 Write Rules of Use for DropBox CL Action Ongoing
12/07/16 Introductory Statement for schools CL Provide to Charlie with questionnairres.
Action Complete 
12/07/16 Town Plan Badges to identify members, publicity material required -banners, T- Shirts? CL, IP,PR
(sub Grp Leads) Decide what is required.
Action Ongoing
12/07/16 G-mail account to be set up CL Set up account. Someone to manage it. Action Closed 
12/07/16 Hot Toddy to be contacted for training dates CL Sessions to be arranged Action Ongoing
09/08/16 A simplified Skills Audit with Contact details to be re run by newly appointed Project Manager TC Complete Skills audit
Action Ongoing
09/08/16 Survey Sub Group to meet with Francis RS Arrange meeting with Francis at next Survey Sub Grp mtg.
Action Complete 
09/08/16 Marjorie’s Leyburn History Project. Provide a max of x2 A4 size sheets of history hi lights with some photo’s MI Update ALL on progress at next meeting
Action Complete 
09/08/16 Planning for Real Event – contact primary school re making model/map PR Contact school ask for input. Action Complete 
09/08/16 Prepare script explaining Town Plan prior to Radio interview PR Prepare radio script
Action Ongoing
13/09/16 Contact Trixie re advertising the Planning for Real event. IP Arrange advertising
Action Complete 
13/09/16 Book a date and room for Planning for Real event PR Arrange room with Julie
Action Complete 
13/09/16 Provide contract Terms & Conditions to CL TC Forward draft contract
Action Complete 
13/09/16 Set up Town Plan Web site and email CL Town Plan Web site
Action Ongoing
13/09/16 Liaise with Joe Willis re attending a marketing sub group meeting IP Contact Joe
Action Complete 

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