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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting


held Tuesday 8th August 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room



Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Rev Michael Hepper, Chris Lawton, Richard Sanderson, Cllr Karin Sedgwick, Sue Medley, Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Sandra Charles and Keith Garrard.


Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC.



1. Apologies had been received from:- Nigel Watson & Perry Gardner.



2. There were no declarations of interest.



Minutes and Matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed for approval by Chris Grayell, Seconded by Chris Lawton and approved by All for publication. 



Project Plan

Copies of the updated Project plans were distributed and we went through each one.

Gillian suggested that we arrange a workshop with Leah for later in the year, Nov/Dec to help us go through the data collected in readiness for preparing the Town Plan report.

Francis has sent an electronic version of the survey for us to test, she is testing various formats – eg phone use, pc use.



Copies of the latest budget sheet updated by Sandra from invoices received was distributed to everyone.

Printing quotes have been received by Chris Lawton.

Printing costs may be slightly more than our budgeted figure because of the design work.



Nothing to report in this heading


Press Articles

Nigel had written an article for inclusion in the next copy of Leyburn Life. A small amendment was agreed.


Marketing and Communications

Chris had launched the ‘coming soon’ survey campaign which was being very well received. Ian thanked Chris for his efforts.

Chris suggested that we have some banners made to advertise the survey coming. Everyone agreed that this was a good idea.

Ian had received some feedback regarding size of posters required, mostly A4 size was wanted in favour of A3. Ian will distribute posters to the Notice boards.

Re attendance at the Agricultural Show, it was agreed that those few attending would purchase their tickets.



Copies of the latest version of the survey with amendments from the last meeting incorporated were passed to all.

We went through the whole survey and further changes and amendments were agreed.

It was agreed to meet the following Wednesday morning at Penleys to review the survey with new amendments included.

We are aiming to start delivering surveys Tuesday 5 September.

The coffee shops have been approached to hold some stocks of paper surveys to encourage people to complete whilst they are in the shop.

Sandra has purchased boxes to be used to collect completed surveys in

premises agreed.



Lessons Learnt and Successes

Ian thanked Chris for his successful launch campaign, endorsed by all of the group.



Meeting ended at 8:45 p.m.








Dates of Steering Group meeting 2017

12th September 2017      10th October 2017             14 November 2017          12 December 2017








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