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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting


held Tuesday 9th May 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room



Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Rev Michael Hepper, Richard Sanderson,


Cllr Karin Sedgwick, Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Rev Chris Lawton, Keith Garrard 


Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC, Perry Gardner and Phil Reed.



1. Apologies had been received from:- Sandra Charles, Nigel Watson,



2. There were no declarations of interest.




Matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed for approval by Chris Grayell, Seconded by Richard Sanderson and approved by All for publication. 



Review of Survey


Generally, the Steering Group felt that the appearance of the Survey was dreary.  Purple Creative are looking at the layout with a view to making it more attractive by adding some colour.

The Font size was felt to be too small.  The grey background makes it difficult to read.

The booklet needs to be in A5 format to fit into ‘Leyburn Life’ – this will ease

distribution.  An extra page would make a considerable improvement to the text size - 16 pages instead of 12 pages.

Ian noted that we cannot meet the Leyburn Life deadline.  It is important to get it right rather than rush it out.  Aim for the June deadline.  All Agreed 

2,500 copies to be printed.  ‘Leyburn Life’ will distribute 1,500 copies, leaving an extra 1,000 for the surrounding villages.

15 pages, with double-sided printing would cost about £279 for 1000

It was suggested that we offer a cup of coffee for 1 in every 10 people completing the survey on line.

Survey Reviewed Question by Question

Opening paragraphs

Remove “Survey For Residents and Users.”  Replace with “Those who live, work and play in Leyburn”

The Action Plan needs to be set out near start - Better place to live and work and more welcoming to visitors.

We can omit the fact that the survey is going to every household

Fund-raising bodies as well as grants.

It needs either a Logo at the top - or a series of 3 photos - Old Leyburn, Current Leyburn, Future Leyburn - using the same view.  Photos should be digital.

Leave out the second paragraph including “If you want to receive details ..”

Take out the code (bottom right) since these are no longer used.  Use a shortened URL in its place.

For further information - contact to be changed from Ian Pace to the Town-led Plan email (@google mail)

Towlers (Hewsons), Kirkwood Hall, the Town Council Office, Milners and the Coop to be included in the list of drop-in places for the survey.  Mole Valley Store was also mentioned as an alternative to the Auction Mart. 

.  Remove the Pharmacy

Discussion of Questions

Question 1. seems to be the wrong question to begin with - too personal. There can be confusion over affordable housing - cheap housing for first home buyers - and Social  Housing for those who will only be able to rent. 

Put Question 1 after question 10  (see below)

275 is probably more accurate than 215 new homes.

Question 2. to be removed.  More in line with a neighbourhood plan.

Question 3. accepted

Question 4. What value is this if there are many different answers?  The Library Survey was insufficient. 

Question 5. Omit column, “No opinion” since this serves no purpose.  

Change all columns starting from Not Important through to Very Important in each case.

Question 6. Omit

Question 7. Accepted

Question 8.  Reword - “What services have you seen in other similar-sized communities that would really benefit Leyburn?”

Question 9. Accepted  Remove “no opinion” / “don’t know” from all questions

Question 10.  Keep to three columns throughout,  Dissatisfied as first column, satisfied, the second column and Very satisfied.

(Question 1 introduced here)

Question 11. Three columns (as above) Not important, Important and Very


Question 12. “Extended” speed limit might not be understood by everyone.  (Needs stress-testing to see if this works.)

Question 13.  Keep to three columns as above.  Dissatisfied as first column,

Satisfied as the second column and Very satisfied as third column.

Question 14.  Omit “No opinion”.  Start with “Not used”, followed by “Not

important” etc. 

Wensleydale Railway to be included. 

Do people know the difference between taxi services and private hire?  There are none of the former in Leyburn so omit Local Taxi Services from the list.

Question 15. Include Park and Ride.  Add in the sentence: “With this in mind, which one of the following options would you favour?” 

Question 16. Rearrange the order - Too high, About right, Too low.  

Question 17.  Not important, Important, Very important.  Add, “in the town


Question 18. Remove altogether.

Question 19. Five columns -  “Not important,” “Important,” “Very important,”

“Attended,” “Bring friends”

Remove “Do you visit these events?” and “Do you bring friends to these events?”

Question 21. to precede Question 20

Question 22. Remove this question.

Question 23. & Question 24  Accepted.

Add in another question (after Question 24) - “Please specify any other

facilities/activities you would like to see for families in Leyburn.”

Question 25. Not important, Important, Very important. 

Change “distance” to “Time taken to get to hospital”

Question 26. Take out e.g.. (and  only one question mark needed).

Question 27. Take out N/A

Question 28. Take out ‘No opinion’.  Change to “Would you like to see more

apprenticeships for young people?”

Question 29. Accepted  but leave out “No opinion” and “May be”

Question 30. Accepted but remove “May be”

Questions 31 - 34. Accepted

Questions 35 -40.  Accepted.

Question 41.  If employed, which sector do you work in?

Questions 42-23. Accepted.



Received the Report from Rita (Tees Valley Rural Community Council)  plus the

Invoice for £666.15 made up of 3 days attendance at launch events, data analysis and written report - £600 - plus travel at 0,45p per mile for 147 miles) £66.15.


Posters and Banner

Posters were passed around for approval in both A4 and A3.  

Marjorie to pay for a banner and pass the invoice to Ian. (£50)


Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign will be launched for a month and information sent out day on day.  This can be scheduled beforehand.  Good ideas and photos are needed.

Stories that include well-known people are particularly successful.


Lessons learnt and Successes



Meeting ended at 9:15 p.m.



Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings                            

13th June 2017             8th August 2017                       10th October 2017     12th December

11th July 2017              12th September 2017               14th November 2017               


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