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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting


held Tuesday 13th June 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room



Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Rev Michael Hepper, Sandra Charles, Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Karin Sedgwick &  Rev Chris Lawton.


Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC



1.Apologies had been received from:- Perry Gardner & Nigel Watson. Richard had messaged that he would endeavour to arrive later. We had not heard from Keith.



2. There were no declarations of interest.



The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Chris G, seconded by Chris L and agreed by everyone as a true and accurate record.




Matters arising

Ian informed the group that he had received a letter of resignation from Phil Reed, Phil was standing down due to illness and family commitments. Ian has sent a thank you letter to Phil for all that he has done for the group.


Project Plan

Sandra apologised for not providing an up to date Project Plan, it will be updated and distributed by the end of the month.

Ian gave a brief update on a meeting held on 30 May at Penleys. Sue Medley has agreed to join the Marketing sub group to assist with the social media.

Ian had received and email from Perry regarding Moles having a survey collection box but we should forward a letter so as to show a professional approach. After some discussion Ian suggested that he would visit the shop and speak to the manager.

The recent litter pick in town had been well attended despite it being a miserable day.



The Statement of costs to date had been distributed to the group, Ian went through the budget. There are a couple of areas where we will not use all that has been allocated and it was agreed that we should move a proportion to the marketing heading.


Consultation sub group


Press Articles


Marketing and Communications sub group-

The marketing sub group had subsequently met and have produced a superb ‘countdown to survey’ poster. It was agreed that these should be displayed in a couple of shops and on the market notice board , Ian volunteered to change the countdown number daily on the poster to be displayed on the market square notice board. It will be displayed at the beginning of July with the countdown to our 1st September launch. Sue will be doing a ‘have you completed the survey yet’ campaign in September and Perry is going to research how other towns have driven interest in their surveys to see if we can get ideas.

FB and Twitter will be used to advertise the survey.

The poster template has been received from Purple Creative, Ian showed us some example wording he had tried out and everyone is encouraged to come up with more ideas for wording on posters to cover – coming – complete the survey – only x days left etc.

It was agreed that offering a free coffee to the first 100 electronic completed surveys was a brilliant idea and could be a great marketing tool. Gillian encouraged us to follow closely quantities of survey completion so that we can tailor our marketing appropriately, boosting FB etc We may need to door knock to encourage completion.

Leyburn apathy was discussed and various ideas were mooted on how to approach this, possibly use a cartoon character?

Printing costs will be looked at by Chris L although he cannot get firm figures until we know the final number of pages. He will obtain 3 quotes.

Chris L and Michael are happy for us to advertise the coming survey at their stand which will be at the Leyburn Agricultural Show in August, it was agreed that this would be a good thing to do. We need to obtain a few tickets for the day. Volunteers will be needed on the day.

Marjorie is happy to have some posters advertising the survey at her photograph exhibition at the 1940’s weekend which will be in the Methodist Hall all weekend.

We can have our Town Plan banners displayed there too.

Michael and Karin were asked if they had recently been in contact with the schools, we want to retain their interest running up to the survey issue.

Karin will update the primary school on the current situation with dog waste bins as this was an issue they had raised with us.

There are now likely to be more dog waste bins available, Leyburn Council should re apply for one, Sally Dixon has recommended we do this and request bins for the new housing estates.

Are we sure that Richard and Nigel are working on the electronic short surveys for the schools? Gillian has a couple of questions on using the library that she would like inserted into the Youth surveys.

Marjorie will have a display in the Methodist Hall over the 1940’s weekend which will have many old photographs of Leyburn and history. Marjorie was reminded to forward her invoice for the advertising banner to Ian for reimbursement.



We discussed what length of time we should give for completion of the surveys. It was agreed that by allowing a month we would be able to use Leyburn Life to remind people to complete it. Therefore the final completion date would be by the end of the first week of October (Friday 6 Oct)

We must have the surveys printed by 22 August in order to meet the Leyburn Life distribution deadline.

We still need Richard to confirm which Prizes he had sourced, this is now v urgent  as the details are required to be entered onto the survey.

The Youth survey was discussed, was it on track to be issued at the same time as the main survey?


Lessons learnt and Successes

Having a good campaign now in place for advertising the coming survey is an encouraging achievement together with the excellent idea of offering free coffees for the first 100 electronic surveys completed.



Richard had not been able to attend so there was no update on the survey progress with Francis. As we had completed all other business the meeting closed at 8.20 pm



Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings                            

11th July 2017                          12th September 17     14th November 2017

8th August 2017                       10th October 2017       12th December 2017   


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