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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting held Tuesday 11th April 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak Room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Richard Sanderson, Karin Sedgwick, Marjorie Iveson, Nigel Watson, Chris Grayell, Rev Michael Hepper, Rev Chris Lawton, Keith Garrard and Sandra Charles.Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC

Apologies had been received from:- Perry Gardner and Phil Reed. There were no declarations of interest.

Matters arisingThe minutes of the previous meeting were proposed for approval by Karin, Seconded by Michael and approved by All for publication.

Project Plan Sub Group
Nothing to report. It was agreed to concentrate on going through the draft survey at this meeting.

BudgetJulie had not had the time to update the budget spreadsheet fully, a basic list had been received which includes the amount spent to date and Sandra would update the budget asap. Sandra will now do this every month based on data received from Julie.

Consultation sub group
The Consultation group had not had a recent meeting, Phil had confirmed that the library had agreed to have a survey collecting box and had sent through details of boxes we could purchase.

Press ArticlesNothing to report.

Marketing & Communications sub group
The 2nd marketing media training session is set up for Monday 8th May. It will be held at Purple Creative premises, start time is 7pm. There is room for more people, if you wish to attend please notify Sandra or Chris by Thursday 4 May. Chris was asked to ask Purple Creative to design posters for us to advertise the survey – coming soon, where the collection points are, last few days. Perhaps the ‘last few days’ could be a strip which we could fix across the posters? We need these posters urgently. Facebook - Chris asked if we could think of some subjects/posts that would engage our audience like the old photo had done. It is important to keep people interested.

Survey Sub Group
The Final version of the survey will need to be completely ready for distribution by the 22nd May if we want to have it distributed via Leyburn Life. Trixie has suggested that we meet at Thornborough Hall to fold and put inside Leyburn Life, Julie & Mary have offered help with this if required. Ian distributed printed copies of the revised draft survey. Richard informed us that he has sent a copy to Purple Creative to request a costing for design and printing. He has also sent a copy to RDC requesting the same thing. Purple Creative confirmed that they would do Design only. Richard informed us that the draft survey has been sent to Francis for her comments and input, he reminded us that she works part time. We went through the draft survey in sequence, Nigel will make the amendments. There followed a short discussion on the practicalities of going house to house to chase up completed surveys. Although this is a time-consuming thing to do it could make a huge difference to the numbers of completed surveys we would get. It was therefore agreed that we would try to do this. We will each need to cover sections of Leyburn, Ian suggested bringing a map to our next meeting for this purpose. We discussed where to have collecting boxes for completed surveys, we decided not to have too many, CoOp, Towlers, Campbells, Medical Centre, Library, the Town Council letter box and Kirkwood Hall would be sufficient. Nigel had confirmed at our last meeting that the Medical Centre are happy to have a collecting box. Phil had confirmed that the Library will have a box. Chris L suggested that we try to use Middlehams ‘The Bridge’ for distribution. Richard said that he knew someone that he could ask for us .Richard confirmed that Francis will create our online surveys. There had been some progress on gathering prizes as incentives for completion of the survey, Karin has obtained x2 Family Tickets for The Forbidden Corner and will chase up Wensleydale Railway again. Richard will approach some of Leyburn’s restaurants for either a meal voucher or deal. Keith agreed to provide a £100 voucher for use in Milners if we paid £50 for it. Nigel proposed that we accept this offer, Michael seconded, Keith abstained from voting as he had a declared interest, the whole group voted in agreement to this. Richard would approach Serendipity Interiors and Campbells to ask if they would do a similar thing for us, maybe provide a £50 voucher if we pay £25.It was agreed that the paragraph on data protection should go at the end of the survey. Sandra was asked to forward the relevant wording which had been provided by Leah a while ago onto Nigel. The order of the importance boxes was queried, it was decided that Francis was the best person to advise us if they need to be ordered Left to Right or Right to Left. It was agreed that ‘the town’ should be changed to Leyburn throughout the survey. It was agreed to re order some of the questions to make answering them more logical. Gillian advised us that the data protection paragraph would cover us asking for volunteer contact details. It was agreed to move all of the sections about volunteering to the end of the survey providing a list of all volunteering opportunities and remind people to provide contact details. Michael and Chris L asked if the Good Neighbour scheme could be added to the volunteer opportunities list, Nigel agreed to do this but requested some background information on the scheme. There was some discussion over the wording on car parks and parking schemes. It was agreed that the RDC car park would be more easily recognised if labelled as the Leyburn Long Stay car park. Nigel was asked to double check car park charges effective as of 1st April 2017. Ian suggested that a small working group should agree the changes discussed today and sign off the survey within 2 weeks’ time. This was proposed by Chris L, seconded by Karin, everyone agreed.

Lessons learnt and Successes
Nothing discussed.

AOB Sandra asked about the survey testing group, were they to test this version or wait for the Final version? It was agreed to wait for the Final version but it would have to be a paper version therefore we would need addresses to send it out. Chris G informed us that he was going to see a sign writer re his project for improving Leyburn signage.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings

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