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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting held Tuesday 14th March 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak Room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Karin Sedgwick, Marjorie Iveson, Nigel Watson, Chris Grayell, Rev Michael Hepper, Richard Sanderson and Sandra Charles.

1. Apologies had been received from:- Gillian Wall, Perry Gardner and Chris Lawton.
2. There were no declarations of interest.

3. Matters arising The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by All for publication.

4. Project Plan Sub Group
There had not been a meeting since February, they are due quarterly. The group went through each of the Sub group Project Plans. Printing cost estimates are required.

A reminder that the business surveys will need to be individually delivered so that we can assist and encourage completion.

Distribution via Leyburn Life – what is the deadline to get to Trixie?

It was agreed to ask Purple Creative to come up with some visuals for the surveys to make it appealing. To ease the burden on Chris it was agreed that Richard would approach PC about this.

Nigel informed us that the Medical Centre had agreed to put up posters advertising the survey and they will also be happy to have a collecting box for completed surveys.

Do we know how many people Francis will need to help with input of the completed surveys?

There was a discussion on how we can boost interest and remind people to complete the surveys. Karin suggested that we follow up posters with “last few days” sign attached across existing poster, it was agreed as a very good idea. We can also ‘boost’ our Facebook postings.

Marjorie mentioned how helpful a new shop owner in Middleham was and it was agreed that the shop was a good place to advertise and have a collecting box. Marjorie has nearly completed her write up on Leyburn history ready for inclusion in the Town Plan report. It could be longer than 2 pages as it is difficult to reduce down without cutting some of the history out altogether.

It was agreed that an old photo from the many collected together by Marjorie would be ideal for the front of the surveys. Marjorie will forward a few electronic copies to Purple Creative for them to select one. Ian requested that the Prizes to be offered for completion of the surveys be confirmed to the group at our April meeting.

5. Budget
We had not received an updated Budget spreadsheet due to Julie being on holiday but we have not spent much more than last month.

6. Consultation sub group
The Consultation group had not had a recent meeting, no update had been received from Phil.
7. Press Articles The article prepared for the March issue of Leyburn Life was forwarded in good time for publication but we were notified that the March issue was already full therefore it was not published. Sandra posted the Article onto our Facebook page. It was agreed that Nigel would prepare and Article for the May issue of Leyburn Life based on the successful Leyburn litter pick. 7 members of the Steering Group had attended.

8. Marketing & Communications sub group
Chris was not able to attend this meeting due to illness. Marketing training with Purple Creative – the session set up for 2nd March had been cancelled at the last minute due to people being unable to attend. New dates have been distributed to the group, a final choice of date by Chris is required. Chris spoke at the last Town Council meeting about the children’s request for more Dog Waste bins. Karin updated the group on feedback from the Dog Warden – the Dog Waste collection scheme is at full capacity and therefore no further Dog Waste bins will be allowed. However, stickers have been provided to inform the public that dog Waste can be put into all waste bins. Karin will take some of these stickers into the school and let them know why they won’t be seeing any new bins.

9. Survey Sub Group Richard updated the group on the revisions which had been made to the survey format, some sections had been reduced, some sections combined, irrelevant questions had been removed. Nigel had begun the re write and was aiming to forward the revised version to the steering group before the end of this month. 2 further questions have been added, one relates to the library changes, Nigel will contact Gillian about the survey already carried out for Leyburn Library. Comments from the SG are encouraged, there will be a deadline and then the survey will be forwarded to Francis, Gillian and Leah for their comments and advice. Richard will continue to work on the separate Youth survey, working towards the same deadline as the resident’s survey. Karin, Michael and Sandra agreed to keep in contact with the schools to encourage participation, it is expected that the schools will complete the Online version of the youth survey. There was a brief discussion on prizes for completion of the survey and it was agreed that there would be different prizes for the students from those for the adults. It was hoped that a prize of a voucher for a meal could be obtained as the Business survey prize. The mechanics of how the prizes would be awarded had not been finalised but it was noted that some surveys would be completed online and some by paper versions. The surveys will need to be tested, at the Drop In events we gathered details of people who would help us to test the surveys.

10. Lessons learnt and Successes
Nothing discussed.

11. AOB Ian reported that the Leyburn Litter Pick on 4th March had been well supported, 7 of the Steering Group were there. A few very bad areas had been found - around waste ground close to Hudspeth Carpets, the lane and wooded area between Wensleydale school and Woodside and also around the Auction Market. It was thought that further litter picks should happen especially prior to Leyburn events such as the Food Festival, Ian would pass on our feedback.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings
11 April 2017 11th July 2017 10th October 2017
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