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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meetingheld Tuesday 14th February 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Karin Sedgwick, Rev Michael Hepper,Marjorie Iveson, Chris Grayell, Phil Reed, Perry Gardner, Rev Chris Lawton, Sandra Charles.Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC.

1.Apologies had been received from:- Nigel Watson, Keith Garrard and Richard Sanderson.
2. There were no declarations of interest.

3. Matters arisingThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved by All for publication.

4.Project Plan
Ian reported that the quarterly Project Planning meeting took place on 9 Feb, all of the Project Plans were gone through in detail and updated versions have been distributed to the Sub Group leaders.

5. Budget
The latest spreadsheet of expenditure had been distributed to the group.

6.Consultation sub group
Karin updated us on her success in gaining some McDonald’s vouchers for the Primary School class that had given us such good feedback and ideas for Leyburn. Karin and Michael will take the vouchers along to the class as soon as possible.Karin mentioned that one of the ideas from the children was for more dog waste bins and asked that we approach Leyburn council to provide a bin and to show the children that they are being listened to. Chris agreed to make this request at the next Council meeting on behalf of the group.The history article required for the Town Plan was discussed, Marjorie has plenty of information to produce this but it will need summarising at a later date to fit into the Town Plan report.Ian gave a brief report on the meeting with the Parish Councillors, although the turnout was disappointing those that came asked a lot of questions and showed interest. Some offered to put up posters for us and have collecting boxes for surveys. We need to follow this up with them.The views of the children from the Primary School had been distributed to the group, Karin suggested that there were several possible business opportunities within their ideas which merited consideration at a later time. Perhaps an article in the local press could be considered at our next meeting?

7.Press Articles
The group approved the article prepared by Sandra for the March edition.Karin now knew someone who would be happy to prepare a Leyburn Quiz for the front cover, Trixie has accepted quizzes produced by other people in the past.The school Debate event organised by Karin had attracted at least 6 items of publicity in various formats all mentioning the Town Plan, a very positive outcome and thank you to Karin for organising it all.

8.Marketing & Communications sub groupPerry had produced and distributed to the group a flyer based on contacting stakeholders. There was a discussion on who the stakeholders are and how we use the flyer. Further discussions led to a need for clarification on who and how we were contacting businesses. It was decided that a vote was required for either Option 1 – forwarding the “3 Questions to businesses’ or Option 2 – Visit businesses with the survey and be there to answer any questions and encourage participation. The result of the vote was to go with Option 2Chris L confirmed that the next media training session is on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 7pm. Anyone who has not already notified him or Sandra of their interest should do so as quickly as possible.Chris showed us the updated version of branding for Facebook and said that they were close to completing the branding which we would be able to use ourselves for advertising.He has gone through the contract with Purple Creative and there does not seem to be a need for any amendments at the moment. The amounts budgeted are adequate.

9. Survey Sub Group
Richard gave a brief update on the survey progress, he has emailed the first draft and comments from Frances to the Steering Group. He encourages comments from the group, they have concentrated on the resident’s survey first.Gillian has forwarded other Parish council’s surveys to the group for comparison.There was a discussion on the slow progress of the survey, with concerns that we are slipping behind schedule and perhaps off course. We are working towards a mostly complete survey by the deadline of 14 March. It was agreed that the Survey Sub Group needed additional help, Ian & Perry would assist. Additional meetings before our next main meeting are needed to agree the content, length of survey, wording of questions and Frances needs to be at one of these at least. Observations were: - we need to be careful not to ask leading questions, should we only ask questions that will give answers to things that can be changed?The gathering of personal information should be at the end of the survey and not the beginning.It was agreed to arrange a survey group meeting for 27 February. Ian & Perry would attend with Richard, Nigel and Chris G.

10. Lessons learnt and Successes
The school Debate event was a huge success. We should not be afraid to go with the best cost effective prices as we are using public money(Ref PC)

Perry asked how community’s gained funding for pursuing projects. Gillian suggested that we ask Leah for some examples.The group were invited to attend the Leyburn Litter Pick of Saturday 4th March, 10am at the bus shelter.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings
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