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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meetingheld Tuesday 17th January 2017 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Perry Gardner, Richard Sanderson,Sandra Charles, Rev Michael Hepper, Keith Garrard, Rev Chris Lawton, Karin Sedgwick,
Nigel Watson, Phil Reed and Chris Grayell.Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC

1.Apologies had been received from:- Marjorie Iveson

2. There were no declarations of interest.The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Richard Sanderson, Seconded by Perry Gardner. All in favour.

3. Matters arisingIan welcomed everyone, he hoped everyone had enjoyed a good break but now we need to focus on what needs doing.Ian informed the group that our Project Leader Tina had decided not to continue working with us. Project Management will now be covered between Sandra & Ian, we may need to request additional time/assistance from Leah which we have the budget for.It was agreed not to pursue a Skills Audit as we are too far along in the project for it be worthwhile. Action Ref: 08/01 ClosedLeah has confirmed that the group does not need to sign any document re Data Protection . Gillian suggested checking www.ICO.gov.uk .We do need to ensure appropriate wording is included on the Survey we distribute, Leah has provided example wording to Ian. Action Ref: 12/01 Completed

4.Project Plan
Sandra has provided simplified versions of the Project Plan, sub divided into our Sub Groups. Action Ref: 12/02 CompletedEach Sub group now urgently needs to work on their Project Plan and convene a meeting so that they can provide a progress report to the Steering Group meeting of 14 February.We went through the whole Project Plan and agreed items that were now complete and others which require amended due dates. Sandra will update the Main Project Plan. Marjorie will be asked if she can provide the short write up to us for insertion into the final plan.

5. Budget
The Statement of costs to date had been distributed to the group, the format now meets that required by Gillian. There were no issues with the budget.

6.Consultation sub group
Action ref: 12/10 – Perry informed us that he and Chris L are having a meeting with Purple Creative on Wednesday 25th January re Stakeholders.It was proposed that all contact with Purple Creative should be by either Chris & Perry only as too many people contacting them was confusing for them.Distribution of the survey was discussed, Leyburn distribution will be via Leyburn Life.
Karin volunteered to distribute to Harmby & Spennithorne with the help of Gillian. It was agreed that we should also distribute by hand to Middleham.We have invited Parish councillors to an informal meeting on Thursday 26 January at Thornborough Hall to start at 7pm. Sandra has sent an email and Ian will chase up by phone. Karin offered to invite Roger Harrison-Topham.The Drop In Event data had been received and was discussed, Richard and Nigel would look at it in greater detail for incorporation into the survey drafts. Gillian will chase up the formal report of the data from Rita.Karin read out the results from the completed 3 Questions from Charlie Barnett Wensleydale School, which the children had completed. Sandra to distribute a copy to all.Michael and Karin updated the group on their visit to one of the classes in Leyburn Primary School which had gone very well on Monday morning. Michael read out some of the suggestions from the children some of which were very sensible and achievable.

8.Press Articles
Nigel was thanked for preparing an article for Leyburn Life which is to advertise the survey coming in Spring. Ian had expanded the theme. A small adjustment was suggested and then everyone agreed the text. It will be published in the February issue of Leyburn Life.Chris L suggested that we Post the article onto Facebook as well and asked Sandra to do this.Karin suggested that Marjorie may help with creating a front cover quiz for a future issue of the Leyburn Life if Trixie were in agreement, it would be based on Leyburn town history. It was agreed that Marjorie was best qualified and knowledgeable having been busy gathering and collating the history of Leyburn which will form part of the final report.

9.Marketing & Communications sub group
Phil was asked to look into which places where we could display information about the coming survey.Ian suggested we ask Purple Creative to provide a Poster design for us, perhaps with a countdown to the date.It was also suggested we contact Joe Willis to publicise the coming survey.Ian suggested that once we have the final version of the survey we each take a survey to 5 Businesses and stay with them whilst it is completed.We have realised that our contract with Purple Creative needs an adjustment to cover the extra items we would like help with. Chris & Perry will discuss with them on Wednesday 25th January.Chris L explained how a Boost to a Facebook post works, Purple Creative would know when and how to activate this at the appropriate time, it is a minimal cost which the group agreed would be a spend that was well worthwhile.Karin confirmed that the date for the school Debate to be held in the Oak Room is Friday 3rd February. There is a strict timeframe which must be kept to, everyone is to be seated no later than 13.45 for the 2pm start. As there is a space restriction there is a limit of a 50/50 split of the invited audience between school children and adults.This event is not open to the public, only those invited by Karin, who is co-ordinating, may attend.Karin presented the details of how the debate would run. Dawn Accounts had agreed to provide some refreshments. The students must leave by 3.05pm to catch their buses home. This event is showcasing the children’s debating skills, they have won prizes and are keen to do well. The Steering Group wanted to support them in this, hence the event being set in motion by Karin and Charlie. Ian and the group congratulated Karin on instigating this event with the school.Chris L informed us that our Web site now has it’s first Blog, and thanked Nigel for writing it. They intend to continue the theme of mini interviews with local people perhaps using ‘off the wall’ subjects.Chris L will source a Pull Up Banner as soon as the branding is formalised with Purple Creative.Our Facebook page continues to attract a good audience considering how new it all is to those Posting and Sharing. Keep up the good work, original posts seem to attract more people than Sharing does but it is all good.Chris G updated the group on his recent presentation to Leyburn Town Council on Leyburn signage, he said that he had received encouraging feedback and would continue to research possible improvements to Leyburn signage.

10.Survey Sub Group
Action Ref: 10/02 re prizes. Richard & Karin have a few good ideas for sourcing prizes which they will follow up and report back to the group.Richard and Nigel are working hard on the draft surveys. Richard read through one of the drafts which they have prepared from feedback already received and examples from other Town Plans. He will have a further draft ready for our next meeting.

11.Lessons learnt and Successes

12.Ian advised the group that Leyburn Councillor Borman had recently presented to Leyburn Town Council some issues that residents had made him aware of relating to Parking problems in Leyburn. He will be researching legalities and will liaise with our group for solutions as he knows that this is a topic we are also interested in.Ian reminded everyone that in the interest of keeping things moving along, when receiving emails on LTP business it is important to respond even if it is just to acknowledge receipt to the sender.Ian reminded everyone that we must have some Sub Group meetings before our next Steering Group Meeting.

Dates of 2017 Steering Group Meetings
14 February 2017 9th May 2017 8th August 201714 March 2017 13th June 2017 12th September 201711 April 2017 11th July 2017 10th October 2017

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