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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 13th December 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room
Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Perry Gardner, Richard Sanderson, Sandra Charles, Rev Michael Hepper, Keith Garrard, Rev Chris Lawton, Marjorie Iveson, Nigel Watson.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC
Tina Chamberlain – Rural Life
1.Apologies had been received from:- Karin Sedgwick and Phil Reed
2. There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Richard Sanderson, Seconded by Marjorie Iveson. All in favour.
Matters arising
Project Plan
The outstanding action of finding a solution for Data storage was discussed, Chris Lawton gave some detail on what exactly was required and explained that DropBox was not working for everyone, it had caused problems on personal PC’s. Gillian offered to arrange for some storage via the NYCC for Final documents, it cannot be used for document sharing. Sandra agreed to be responsible for adding documents and will be provided with a user account.
There followed a discussion around data protection and it became apparent that the group was required to sign a declaration for data collected to be used by the Leyburn Town Plan group and by RDC. Tina agreed to follow this up.
Chris confirmed that Purple Creative have set up a general email account for us via gmail, we can use this for answering questions and contacting people who pass on their email details.
The outstanding action on distributing a Skills Audit was discussed, it was agreed that the group still required this to be carried out. Tina agreed to approach Leah for a more simplified version to distribute to the group asap.
Ian requested that a simplified version of the Project Plan was produced, ideally split down to show relevant points per Sub Group and with Completed and Closed Lines Hidden. Hence out of one huge Project Plan there would be several smaller documents. If any subjects did not fall naturally into the Sub Groups then they would have to be dealt with separately. The hard copies to be printed onto A3 size paper – could they be posted to Ian? They are need before our January meeting.
Ian had received figures from Julie although not in the format requested by Gillian. He would liaise with Julie for next month. He informed us of the spend to date.
The contract with Purple Creative is now in place which will enable payment of their invoice. Ian requested sight of the Project Manager’s contract.
Benchmarking Survey
Nigel was thanked for his outstanding effort in producing a comprehensive report
of Secondary Sources of the Town Benchmarking of 2015. Nigel gave an overview of his report – it suggests that Leyburn is in a good place, the population of over 65’s is twice the national average, Leyburn is popular with visitors but their stays only average 2 hours. Visitors were less than impressed with customer service in the town. The over 60’s are generally healthier than national average although there is a larger than average over 60’s living alone so potentially there are loneliness issues. There is a lower than average number of people receiving benefits, it is important that they are not marginalised. The growth of Tennants could have a detrimental affect on the Town with visitors going only there and not coming into the town at all.
Consultation sub group
There is an outstanding action re a local radio interview, we need to check with Phil if this is going ahead.
Karin had sent in an update on her discussions with Wensleydale school, she had had a productive meeting with Charlie Barnett who is agreeable for his debating class to hold a debate at Thornborough Hall in January, a suitable subject is yet to be agreed. It is hoped to use a subject taken from the feedback gathered from our November drop in events but we may not receive the data in time.
Charlie Barnett confirmed that the children had completed some surveys for us and would send on the information. We may not be able to receive the actual surveys in which case we will receive a summary.
Michael updated us on his meeting with Sue Beveridge of the Primary school. There had been a misunderstanding over which schools were assisting us with the Plan, she has agreed that she would welcome a visit from a few of us with our Map so that we can gain more feedback from this age group.
Re the feedback report from our November drop in events. Tina and Gillian informed the group that unfortunately Rita had been unable to produce this for us yet due to a family bereavement. It was hoped that we would be sent the report within a few weeks. Ian requested that the report be distributed to the group at least a week before the January meeting. Tina will request Rita to attend our January meeting to go through the data with us.
Re the Signage around Leyburn – it was agreed to re visit this at a later date although some discussion from the town could be generated via Facebook posts?
Press Articles
Karin has included an article about the Town Plan in her latest Newsletter, this has been delivered to every Leyburn household.
Nigel was asked to provide an article for the new year issue of Leyburn Life along the lines of “survey is coming, don’t miss your opportunity to have your say”
Marketing & Communications sub group
Chris Lawton was pleased with the session held with Purple Creative which had gone well although he noted that for some it was a lot of information to take in in one go. He is very happy to give one on one assistance to anyone who wants it for either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, just ask him. There is another session available with Purple Creative, Chris will liaise with Purple Creative and suggest
17th or 18th January.
Chris reminded us that when commenting on Leyburn Town Plan Facebook it is important to Comment as yourself and not LTP – otherwise it looks as though LTP is talking to itself!
He encourages us to SHARE items to get as big an audience as possible. Wensleydale Creamery have said they are happy to ReTweet and Chris is going to meet with Milners social media person.
The Leyburn Town Plan Web site needs growing, it favours longer articles and possibly interviews. He suggested Phil or Marjorie may be interested in speaking to people to create some content for the page, or Phil may have some content from previous interviews with local businesses.
Sandra offered to assist Chris with looking after the Web site.
We need some volunteers from our group to start using Twitter and/or Instagram, if this is you please contact Chris who will help you.
Ian informed the group that Trixie has agreed that our survey can be distributed with the Leyburn Life but we will need to fold them and insert them ready for delivery.
Ian informed the group that we have had some interest from 2 Parish councils so far, he suggested that we set up a session at Thornborough Hall and invite all councillors in the area along to a Presentation, possibly mid to end January.
Gillian and Tina informed the group that they had been to see Purple Creative about improving branding for the Town Plan. Some examples were handed out for consideration. There was discussion as to why no one from the Marketing sub group had been invited to attend with them and the resulting STOP put onto ordering a pull up banner, apparently, this had been the result of a misunderstanding. Chris was concerned that we were duplicating the work of Purple Creative by not keeping in contact with each other.
Chris requested a few more volunteers to join the Marketing group as they were short of people having failed to get the expected support from Wensleydale school. Nigel agreed to help if he was available.
If anyone else is able to help Chris please let him know asap.
Survey Sub Group
Richard has been looking at other village Plans for ideas on presentation and questions, he has been working on a draft survey. He said that approaching businesses to donate prizes as incentives for completion of the survey was something to look into next year.
Making progress with the Stakeholders list was discussed. It was agreed that a simplified, thinned down list was required. It would be best to concentrate on those not previously approached. Keith suggested that we ask Purple Creative for help with how we approach the Stakeholders. Perry and Chris L would set up a meeting with Purple Creative.
Richard suggested that when the survey is ready for distribution we should take this to the businesses and complete it with them, it needs to be a concise survey not too many pages otherwise busy people will not want to complete it.
Lessons learnt and Successes
The Town Plan Facebook and working with Purple Creative had been recent good successes.
Apathy is a challenge and also an opportunity.
We need to improve our internal communications!
Chris Lawton mentioned local entrepreneur Hannah Russell, and what a brilliant job she had done of organising the Christmas Fayre. Richard agreed and it was suggested that she be approached to get involved with our social media.

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