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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 15th November 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room
Those in attendance: Richard Sanderson, Sandra Charles, Michael Hepper,
Christopher Grayell, Karin Sedgwick, Keith Garrard, Perry Gardner, Phillip Reed and
Rev Chris Lawton.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC
Phil Upton and Sarah Comerford - Purple Creative
The meeting was Chaired by Richard Sanderson.
1.Apologies were received from:- Ian Pace, Nigel Watson, Marjorie Iveson and
Tina Chamberlain.
2. There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Chris Grayell , Seconded by Michael Hepper. All in favour.
Matters arising
Richard gave a brief outline of how we had come to approach Purple Creative to help us with Marketing and welcomed Phil Upton and Sarah Comford from Purple Creative. Phil gave us an overview of their firm then Sarah explained how she will help us to engage target audiences via social media. There will be training on how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A monthly programme of items/topics will be needed so that data and content is available to post on a daily basis, this way we can build up interest and momentum. Volunteers are needed to opt for either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to concentrate on. Several people will be able to Edit/Add content to each account. Sarah will help us to get started, show us how to market the Leyburn Town Plan, how to understand and collect the feedback. It was agreed to hold the training at Purple Creative premises to be sure of a reliable broadband connection.
It was agreed to hold the training on Tuesday 22nd November, meet at Market shelter bus stop by 6.30 for lifts with Chris L or Richard. Bring a device such as tablet, laptop.
Project Plan
Tina had identified the following outstanding items via email –
Skills Audit to be completed by Steering Group members – Tina will send out a form.
Data Sharing – Tina will contact Gillian about trying to set up a data sharing portal using NYCC shared space as several of us have found that DropBox slowed their PC to unmanageable.
Ian will be attending a Contract meeting with Gillian on 16 November
Outstanding items from the Project Plan were, Survey work, Stakeholder work and Marketing – Comms training.
Gillian reminded us that we should pass her a report of spend on the budget at least quarterly. Request that Julie provides an update by our next meeting.
Benchmarking Survey
Nigel had provided a document but was not able to attend this meeting. Sandra was asked to re send this document in a PDF format as some people had not been able to access it. Richard commented that there was a lot of interesting reading in it and we were all encouraged to find time to read prior to our next meeting.
Consultation – First impressions of Drop In’s
Richard thanked everyone for all their efforts in making the drop in’s a success.
87 people were counted attending over the 3 sessions which was encouraging. Similar numbers attended each session which seemed to suggest that our timings fitted for people. There were good quality conversations, a variety of comments had been captured via post it’s and the notes alongside the model. Marjorie’s history boards were popular and helped with starting conversations. Rita will provide a full report of all the comments and views for our next meeting.
From those who completed slips 48 wanted to be kept informed
44 were willing to volunteer to test a survey
18 wanted to help with the town plan
It was agreed that we had not attracted the youth and it is something that we need to address. We also need to find ways to engage with a larger proportion of people, young families, 30 – 50’s age group and local businesses.
Keith & Karin will approach the schools again, perhaps we could attend an open evening to explain what we are doing.
Concerns were expressed about how long it will be before we will be seen to have achieved anything. There is a lot of anger about Parking issues, the locality feel let down by previous similar surveys where nothing actually happened, nothing changed. A large proportion of attendees feel that our town plan will go the same way. Gillian, Richard & Keith assured us that producing a robust plan, including substantial evidence which proposes solutions that we are prepared to follow through is the way forward.
Chris G had prepared a report on Leyburn signage following comments collected from the 3 Questions survey in August with suggestions for improvements. Sandra was asked to scan this report and distribute to the group for comments.
Press Articles
There had been a positive article complete with photo in the D&S about the Drop In events.
Marketing & Communications
Training sessions now set up. Chris L explained that the Town Plan web site is there but he needs some information to put on it, Karin offered to forward photo’s from Philip(D&S). Purple Creative will advise us on setting up the Web site and a Facebook page
Lessons Learnt and Successes
See Consultation section and comments above.
Sandra was asked to email details of the planned marketing training to the whole of the Steering Group.
It was agreed that we should send a letter of thanks to the Primary School for their work on producing the model for our Drop In events.
Dates of 2016/2017 Steering Group Meetings
13 December 2016
10 January 2017
14 February 2017
14 March 2017
11 April 2017

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