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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 11th October 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Sandra Charles, Michael Hepper,
Christopher Grayell, Richard Sanderson, Marjorie Iveson, Karin Sedgwick, Tina Chamberlain, and Keith Garrard.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC

1.Apologies were received from:- Nigel Watson, Chris Lawson, Julie Forrest and Perry Gardner.

2. There were no declarations of interest.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Richard Sanderson, Seconded by Chris Grayell. All in favour.

3. Matters arising
IP confirmed dates for the Planning for Leyburn event were the evening of Monday 7th November and 2 day sessions on Tuesday 8th November, to be held in Thornborough Hall in the Oak Room.
TC had brought along some kits which would help us at our Event, cut outs for adding to the model & explained some possible pitfalls and many things we should put in place and consider. It was agreed that a sub committee was required to plan the event. Volunteers for the Planning for Leyburn event sub group were – Lead IP, PR,MI,SC & CG. There is budget for this event.
Publicity is the first priority, posters, flyers, local newspaper articles etc.
There followed discussion on how the event may be run.
KS offered to speak to Wensleydale School to see if there was a group interested in participating in the event with us.
TC was asked to provide sample advertising material if there is any.
RS reminded us that Trixie would be able to provide Printing.
KS offered to ask her Wheels & Marbles group to assist with refreshments.
Various headings for the Event are – Community focus, Health & Wellbeing, Leisure, Traffic & Transport, Libraries, Housing and more.
IP was pleased to inform us that the meeting with the Town Council had gone very well and they have agreed to fully support the final Town Plan.
IP informed us of a progress meeting of sub group leaders, Phil has been very busy visiting potential distribution points.
It was agreed that we should invite local councillors to the Planning for Leyburn events.

Action SC– Set up meeting for planning Event.
Action KS
Ask for article in D&S

Action SC – Email local councils.
4. Project Plan
We are on schedule.

5. Budget
IP confirmed that the grant had now been received by the Town Council on our behalf, Julie is managing this for us.

6. Consultation – update
IP said that we need to think about how we are going to approach businesses to speak to them about the survey. RS agreed to approach businesses re the possibility of providing prizes as incentives for completion of the survey.

Action RS
Approach businesses re prizes.
7. Press Articles
IP referred us to an Article which NW had kindly agreed to write, KS was asked to arrange for publication via D&S.
We should be thinking about articles for December, a review of our November event.
KS offered to put a short article in the Newsletter which she writes ¼ ly.
Action KS
Submit article for D&S
Action KS
Include an article in Newsletter
Action KS
Ask D&S attend Event photo’s

8. Marketing & Communications
CL was unable to attend due to illness – RS updated on HotToddi progress which was stalling due to being unable to contact the firm. KG suggested another firm which he had experience of – Purple Creative, he agreed to approach them if we are unable to set up training with HotToddi.
We do not know if there has been progress with the new Web site, appears blank.
Action TC Forward brief for marketing training to KG
Action CL
Update group on new Web site.
9 Survey Group – update
RS said they had met with Francis and received some good pointers, the next step for them is to provide sample questions to Francis. We need a small group to Test the surveys before finalisation, MH suggested his congregation would assist.
10. Lessons Learnt and Successes
We need to concentrate on gaining support from businesses.
We now need a big push to promote and prepare for the Event

11. AOB
MI had brought along part of her history project to show the group, the old maps are enthralling, it is very interesting and we should make sure we display it well at our Event.

Dates of 2016/2017 Steering Group Meetings
8 November 2016 14 February 2017
13 December 2016 14 March 2017
10 January 2017 11 April 2017

ACTIONS from previous meetings
Date of Action Brief Description WHOM Progress
10/05/16 To gain Stronger Communities funding a‘Planning for real’ event is required ALL Provision has been made in the budget.Event being planned.
Action Ongoing
10/05/16 Data storage required - CL Action part completed
CL has taken on
Action Ongoing
14/06/16 Write Rules of Use for DropBox CL Action Ongoing
12/07/16 Introductory Statement for schools CL Provide to Charlie with questionnairres.
Action Complete 
12/07/16 Town Plan Badges to identify members, publicity material required -banners, T- Shirts? CL, IP,PR
(sub Grp Leads) Decide what is required.
Action Ongoing
12/07/16 G-mail account to be set up CL Set up account. Someone to manage it. Action Closed 
12/07/16 Hot Toddy to be contacted for training dates CL Sessions to be arranged Action Ongoing
09/08/16 A simplified Skills Audit with Contact details to be re run by newly appointed Project Manager TC Complete Skills audit
Action Ongoing
09/08/16 Survey Sub Group to meet with Francis RS Arrange meeting with Francis at next Survey Sub Grp mtg.
Action Complete 
09/08/16 Marjorie’s Leyburn History Project. Provide a max of x2 A4 size sheets of history hi lights with some photo’s MI Update ALL on progress at next meeting
Action Complete 
09/08/16 Planning for Real Event – contact primary school re making model/map PR Contact school ask for input. Action Complete 
09/08/16 Prepare script explaining Town Plan prior to Radio interview PR Prepare radio script
Action Ongoing
13/09/16 Contact Trixie re advertising the Planning for Real event. IP Arrange advertising
Action Complete 
13/09/16 Book a date and room for Planning for Real event PR Arrange room with Julie
Action Complete 
13/09/16 Provide contract Terms & Conditions to CL TC Forward draft contract
Action Complete 
13/09/16 Set up Town Plan Web site and email CL Town Plan Web site
Action Ongoing
13/09/16 Liaise with Joe Willis re attending a marketing sub group meeting IP Contact Joe
Action Complete 

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