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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 13th September 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace – Chairman. Sandra Charles, Philip Reed, Marjorie Iveson, Christopher Grayell, Richard Sanderson, Chris Lawton, Perry Gardner.

1.Apologies were received from:- Karin Sedgwick, Gillian Wall, Nigel Watson, David Milner and Michael Hepper.

2. There were no declarations of interest.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Chris Lawton, Seconded by Ian Pace. All in favour.
Ian gave a warm welcome to Tina Chamberlain who has joined the Steering Group as Project Manager.

3. Matters arising
Phil confirmed that a large map had been obtained from NYCC and that he had spoken to the Primary School. The school were very keen to make a model for our Planning for Real event. There will be basic building models, traffic lights and zebra crossings to be shown. The intention is for the event to take place in November, possibly to be an evening event followed by a couple of open house sessions the following day.
It was agreed that we want to advertise this event in the next Leyburn Life, although we may not have a date we can say it will be November. It is also intended to contact the D&S newspaper for the launch event.
There followed a discussion on comments received on completed “3 Questions forms” around making the market place “greener”, it was agreed that at the Planning for Real event we should encourage all ideas for the town without pre-empting anything.
Marketing training with Hot Toddy – Chris had been in contact with the firm and established that training would need to be on weekdays. Preferences requested were that Thursdays be avoided(IP) and Wednesday mornings (SC)
A contract is required to specify the what we want Hot Toddy to provide. Tina offered to provide T&C’s for specific work to Chris.
Ian updated the group on a Planning Sub Group meeting held a couple of weeks ago where it was discussed that for the Town Plan to have any relevance it must have the support of LTC and as much as possible RDC in order to achieve its goals.
The main group were asked if they would support attendance at the next Council meeting to ask the Council for a Statement of support as far as reasonable. Ian would request an item on the Agenda via Julie. There was full support for this and the majority agreed to attend the meeting of Monday 19th September – to assemble at 18.45pm.

4. Project Plan
Perry briefed us on his findings having collated 169 completed surveys. There had been some good points raised and parking was obviously a Hot Topic. The sample does not cover the full range of businesses and residents, it was agreed that this would be addressed for the actual Questionnaire to be set up for next Spring. School holidays had prevented any surveys being completed by school children. Perry was handed a further 148 surveys to add to his report. It is intended that his final report will be made available to the steering group by the end of this month.
Perry had also spent a lot of time collecting and analysing Stakeholder data. He presented a detailed report on his findings, expressing his view that it is vitally important to engage local businesses. This report will also be made available to the steering group.
Richard reported on a meeting held by the Survey Sub Group where they had considered who should be approached and how this could be done. An overview document had been provided to the Steering Group. They were arranging a meeting with Francis who has offered advice on surveys.
Ian reminded us that we need to consider best places to distribute the Questionnaire – suggestions were Medical centres, Libraries, TOSH, Key Centre Middleham, bigger shops. It was agreed that a poster to advertise the “Town Plan Survey is Coming “ was required.

5. Budget
All the forms have been signed and it is expected that the grant will be sent to the Parish Council account shortly.

6. Benchmarking survey
Nothing to report

7. Consultation Plan Update
Nothing further to report

8. Marketing and Communications
Chris L explained that he has found a cost effective way to set up a Web site for the Town Plan, this will provide a central email.
Expenditure was agreed by All to resolve this ongoing issue. The purchase of Domain name LeyburnTownPlan was agreed by All.
Chris intends to set up a sub group meeting in the next week.
Ian will speak to Joe Willis to ask if he would attend a marketing meeting.

9. Lessons Learnt and Successes
It was agreed by all that so far we have received a very positive response to the short survey with a higher amount returned than hoped for and some good ideas and comments. We have identified the need to ensure that businesses are engaged.

10. AOB
Sandra confirmed that Julie has booked this room for our 2017 meetings.
They will follow the same pattern, 2nd Tuesday of the month.
10th January, 14th February, 14th March, 11th April, 9th May, 13th June, 11th July,
8th August, 12th September, 10th October, 14th November and 12th December.
The next 6 months will be listed at the end of the next Agenda.

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