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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 9th August 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Sandra Charles, Philip Reed, Nigel Watson, Marjorie Iveson, Michael Hepper, Christopher Grayell, Richard Sanderson and Karin Sedgwick.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC
Leah Swain – RAY - Rural Action Yorkshire

1.Apologies were received from:- Chris Lawton and Perry Gardner

2. There were no declarations of interest.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Marjorie Iveson, Seconded by Chris Grayell. All in favour.

3. Matters arising
Ian warmly welcomed Karin Sedgwick, to the meeting, she has agreed to join the Steering Group. Karin gave a brief overview of her role as an RDC Councillor and involvement with Leyburn community.
Ian spoke of how disappointing it had been to find that it would be more difficult than anticipated to have the involvement of local students. Richard suggested that once schools returned from the summer holidays a small group could attend the school with some questionnaires. Gillian mentioned North Yorkshire Youth group would be worth contacting and agreed to provide contact details to Richard.
Ian confirmed that the Leyburn Tab was now available on the Town Web site.
Ian informed the group that we are able to use the Lower Wensleydale Logo and Richard confirmed this.
Ian had obtained contact details for the surrounding Parish councils, he passed a paper copy to Sandra for safe keeping and would forward an electronic list to Phil.
DropBox training – Those still to have training – Ian, Chris G.
Phil and Chris G had been busy at the Friday market speaking to people and getting some of the “3 Questions” completed, feedback was encouraging. Michael and Richard volunteered to assist at the next market (26th) meeting at 10.00am outside Penleys.
We have received many completed “3 Questions” from various routes, including from Leyburn Life. Perry to collate the information by first week of September.
Ian enquired if we now have permission to gather feedback on the “3 Questions” at the Wensledale Show. Karin will seek permission for 3 or 4 people to attend. Leah suggested that as we now have a lot of completed forms we should focus on informing people of the Town Plan rather than gather more information than we could handle. Have a script prepared.

Action GW NYY contact details to RS
Action IP Council contacts to PR

Action CL re DropBox training.
Action PG Collate completed 3 Questions.

Action KS Request permission re Wensleydale Show
4. Project Plan - Progress
Leah informed the group that a Project Manager had been selected, Tina Chamberlain who is very experienced in working with communities. Leah will task Tina with re running a simplified Skills Audit and Contact details. Tina may only be able to attend every other meeting because of the Part Time appointment.
Funding – Gillian confirmed that we now have the funding.
The Project Manager will take over the updating of the Project Plan from Sandra.

DropBox training should be completed by the end of September – those requiring training are to contact Chris Lawton asap.

Leah will distribute information on Data Protection to all of the Steering Group.

Training on Safe Guarding will be organised at a later date.

Survey Group – Richard has some ideas for the Survey form and will work with
Phil, Leah suggested that they make contact with Francis before the end of September.

Phil reported that a lot of businesses have been contacted informing them of the Town Plan and recording their views but contacting Clubs had proved difficult.
He had also been in touch with Yorkshire Dale Radio and planned a radio interview with them about the Plan at a later date.

Stakeholder list – Leah will work with Perry, Chris G, Karin and Gillian on this.

As Marjorie has been completing a project on Leyburn history she agreed to provide a maximum of x2 A4 sides on the Leyburn history hi lights with some photographs by the end of September.

Planning for Real Event – this is need for November. It was agreed that a small scale model of Leyburn displayed at an event could be a good way to engage people. Phil would speak to the Primary School about making a model. Gillian offered to obtain some maps from NYCC.

Marketing Sub Group - Leah will contact Chris Lawton. Hot Toddy training to be arranged for the end of September early October.

Logo – Action completed

Launch Event – It was agreed that this would be replaced with the Planning for Real Event.

Leah advised that a script explaining the Town Plan be prepared and agreed prior to the Wensleydale Show and radio interview.

There is a need for a Shadow Project Manager as the position is only funded for 6 months – Leah asked everyone to consider if they were the person to take this on.

Action TC
Skills Audit, Contact details.

Action PR
Arrange meeting with Francis

Action MI
Brief history

Action PR
Contact Primary School re model
Action GW provide maps

Action IP + PR
Prepare script
5. Budget
Budget Application – Completed. It will be held by the Town Council and administered by Julie. Signatories are Ian and Richard. Julie will attend future meetings to report on spend. Expenditure to be agreed at Steering Group meetings.
6. Benchmarking survey
Update on Benchmarking Survey – Ian reported that this was on Hold as the person responsible had dropped out of the project. Leah suggested that we use the information gathered from last year’s report instead– everyone agreed to this.

7. Consultation Update
Nothing to report
8. Marketing and Communications
Some completed “3 Questions” forms were briefly reviewed by the group.
Overall we have received very good feedback. A lot is positive with good points raised. It was agreed to approach places such as Medical Centre, local shops to inform them of what the Town Plan is.

9. Lessons Learnt and Successes
Chris reported a good response from people he had approached with the 3 Questions Form. Phil reported feedback from the Industrial Estate was that they felt forgotten by the Town. Signage could be improved upon at entrances to Leyburn both welcoming and for information on businesses.

10. AOB
Ian requested that Sandra forward approved Minutes of the meetings to Julie to be published on the Town web site.
Leah informed the meeting of a new Community Led Housing project by NYCC, the group should look out for information on this and attend any meetings. Action SC
Minutes to Julie

ACTIONS from previous meetings
Date of Action Brief Description WHOM Progress
10/05/16 To gain Stronger Communities funding a‘Planning for real’ event is required Provision has been made in the budget.
Action Ongoing
10/05/16 Data storage required -requirements to be given to JF for forwarding to Carol Haynes & linking to LTC website PG Action part completed

Action Ongoing
14/06/16 Tab on Town Council Web site for Town Plan IP Action Complete 
14/06/16 Benchmarking Survey report from last year IP Request some results quickly.
Action Complete 
14/06/16 Write short script introducing Town Plan CL Action Complete 
14/06/16 Approach students with view to assist with Town Plan – Wensleydale schools AW Action Ongoing via PR
14/06/16 Write Rules of Use for DropBox CL Action Ongoing
12/07/16 Introductory Statement for schools CL Provide to Charlie
Action Ongoing
12/07/16 Use of Lower Wensleydale Logo RS Check if we could use.
Action Complete 
12/07/16 Town Plan Badges RS Order badges –
Action Ongoing
12/07/16 G-mail account to be set up CL Set up account. Someone to manage it. Action Ongoing
12/07/16 Karin Sedwick is keen to be involved. IP Invite Karin to next meeting
Action Complete 
12/07/16 Ladies Group to be asked to complete questions MI Action Complete 
12/07/16 “3 Questions” forms left in R Sanderson shop RS Action Complete 
12/07/16 Hot Toddy to be contacted for training dates CL Sessions to be arranged Action Ongoing
12/07/16 Explanation and “3 Questions” to be published in Leyburn Life. MI Action Complete 

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