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Town Plan Steering Group Minutes – 12th July 2016

Meeting began at 7:07 p.m.

Apologies were received from Keith, Sandra, Nigel, Sarah,

Charlie Barnett from Wensleydale School was introduced

Declarations of interest - none.

The Minutes had been circulated. One correction was raised by Chris Lawton. CL explained that there was an error in the sentence, ‘completion of the questionnaire will be mainly online, capturing people from a wider area via social media.’ Changed to: ‘CL explained that completion of the questionnaire will be mainly online when capturing data from people from a wider area via social media.’

Proposed Phil; Seconded Marjorie Iveson.
All in favour

Matters Arising

Latest benchmarking will only take the form of a foot-fall survey rather than interviewing the public which will now be postponed to November. The footfall survey involves observing a certain point in town and seeing how many people walk past.

Charlie Barnett said that there is an active Group of year 12 students in school who are politically and community minded - 4 of these want to be involved. Pressure is on them, however, for the post 18 options. In terms of meeting with them, however, this must take place on the school site and in the presence of a member of staff to fulfil DBS requirements.

If more student involvement is required, this would need consultation with the student council in September. Amongst the Year 11s returning there are those who are very politically-minded.

The question was raised regarding contacting students who have already left school who might be interested. 50% of year 13 are going on to university; 50% into apprenticeships. 3 or 4 will be staying in the locality and these could be contacted. There is a danger of missing out on this age group entirely if we do not make contact with them soon.

The three pre-survey questions could be put to them. Potentially the survey subgroup could give this some thought to this and come back with recommendations. 2 of the young people could be on the consultation subgroup. However, meeting between now and September might prove impossible because of Safeguarding requirements. We could perhaps communicate with them by email. If the questions are sent to Charlie he could get some feedback within a couple of days.

Action: Ian to email questionnaire to Charlie.

Not a full school at present so the questionnaire could be repeated in September.

Action: Chris L to provide introductory statement to Charlie.

We need to be planning for 1940s weekend. Volunteers were requested to help interview local people and service users with the three questions.

Action: Chris Grayell and Chris Lawton volunteered to do an hour each on Saturday. Ian, Margaret and Phil volunteered for an hour on Sunday afternoon from 1pm. Plastic folders might be advisable in case of rain!

The actual survey will be weighted in different directions to get responses from different parts of the local community as well as further afield.

In a face-to-face interview people can be asked if they are residents or from out of town. The first four digits of the postcode would give an indication of where they come from. If they are willing to provide their full address then of course this can be included. Some places, like the Rugby Club and Tennants Garden Rooms, have regular events where people will come and this information could also be tailored into the survey process.

There is a £360 budget for preparing the Logo for the town plan. We need this quickly. “Hot Toddy,” or Sharon Watkins (her husband has a graphic design company) could be asked. There is no Leyburn coat of arms. The one on the Bolton Arms is incorrect. “Purple Creative” in Richmond made the one for the Lower Wensleydale Website and the Business Association. We could use this with Town Plan added. It is owned by the Lower Wensleydale Business Network of which Richard Sanderson is the Chair.

Action : Richard to raise this at the next meeting of the Business Network.

Should this be a Parish Plan or a Town Plan? The question was first raised by Leah Swain. Everyone concluded that it was definitely a “Town” Plan as we are a predominant market town in the Dale. T-Shirts would be good for those conducting the Survey. These probably cannot be made in time for the 1940s weekend. Bedale Print will do badges “Town Plan Team Member”

Action: Ian to organise the badges.

Dropbox Training
One live session held and one at distance has been offered. Training is still available from Chris Lawton. Needs to be sorted in the next month

A G-mail account would prove difficult to share between more than one person. If one person is happy to manage it it could work and that person would then be responsible for forwarding emails. Probably we would need a back-up person too

Action: Richard to contact Sandra. Chris L to set up.

Planning Subgroups
Sandra will be updating on a monthly basis

What about the Project Manager? The budget allows for this. The Project Manager would maintain the impetus and ensure that things got done. £2200 available for 6 months and 1/2 day per week (£35 per hour which is good value.) Must be someone with experience of running Community Led Plans. Leah has someone in mind. It would be important to shadow this person so that, at the end of 6 months, the role can be taken on by one of the team. We need to sub this out of the monies payable by the Town Council in order to bridge the gap before the grant kicks in. Gillian will try to get a decision as quickly as possible.
Proposed by Chris L, Seconded by Richard S. All in favour

A “call-on” contract was suggested- so that the Project Manage can be called on as needed and the time period thus extended. The Project Spec is the application and the pin-it-down document. Ian spoke to the Town Council at their last meeting and they suggested that the money is ring-fenced within the main accounts. This will ensure that financial accountability systems are already in place. Would everyone agree to Leah being employed? - unanimous vote.

The “Pin-it-down” document has been circulated. Gillian Wall is waiting for a formal acknowledgement from Julie that the Town Council has agreed to the finances.

Once the Project manager is in place a Skills Audit and their contact details can be circulated.

The Skills Audit needs simplifying - we only need information about what working experience each person can offer.

Action: Project Manager.

Question 13 of application (in red) - is everyone happy with the vision outlined by the Library volunteers? Either mention Library explicitly or include as part of a multiple-chioice question.

Can we accept the Application with amendments from Gillian?

Proposed Chris L, seconded Phil. All in favour


Richard has tried to set up a meeting . He is waiting to hear which candidates are coming from the school. Nigel Watson is away at present. Richard has looked at other surveys to see what sort of areas they cover. Chris G has come up with some areas too. He asked himself what sort of survey questions would people not like to answer. eg. Strongly agree, slightly agree etc. He said that we need to put in questions that make people think rather than just tick a box. Chris L remarked that variance from the middle is what interests those analysing surveys. When the answers vere one way or the other this is what is of interest. Hence an argument in favour of tick box questions. Subgroups need to get dates in the diary and being tackling the issues as soon as possible. Holidays are interferring with the progress. School involvement will probably have to shelved until the Autumn term.

Perry asked what might be the possibility of starting our meetings at 6:30 p.m. and working as subgroups until 7:30 p.m. prior to the Steering Group Meeting commencing. Richard S. said that he was usually available during the day unless there were funerals to deal with.

Perry commented that Pre-meetings can focus the discussion due to the time constraint.

It was established that there should be a minimum of three for a subgroup to meet.

Phil spoke about the Consultation process :

Who, what, where, when and how?

Who are the retired people?
What are we trying to achieve?
Where? - market stall with someone asking questions and handing out sheets. Also cattle market doctors etc
When? - dates are important but these will flow from the budget
How? - must show positivity to people being interviewed

Phil contacted a couple of Radio Stations for interviews

An ex-Richmondshire correspondent has set up his own newspaper - Perry has his contact details but could not recall his name.
Phil Sedgewick is also able to help.
Karin Sedgewick’s “In Touch” newsletter deadline has been missed. Karin, however, is open to be involved. It would be worth co-opting her on to the marketing and communications subgroup.
“Leyburn Life” is also an important vehicle of publicity. Trixie is happy to put in articles.

Action: Ian to invite Karin to the next meeting.
Proposed Chris L ; Seconded Marjorie Iveson. All in favour.

Suggested that the head of each subgroup meet together and talk through an sticking points.

How do we drill down into the old core Leyburn residents rather than only incomers. Long-term residents tend to be more disengaged. Marjorie talked about the next meeting of the Ladies’ Group of which she is the chair. About 50 long-term residents attend.

Action: Marjorie will encourage her group members to fill in forms before they leave the meeting.

Perry picked up on Phil’s point about being positive in our approach to questioning. We should not be looking at what is wrong with Leyburn but more at how to make the town even better. He said that just because interviewees are older does not mean that they will be more disengaged or negative.

The Miller Report made a lot of recommendations which proved too expensive to put in place. The fact that the consultation did not lead to very much action has left some cynicism that the same thing may result from this survey. However, the questions were haphazard and people were not engaged. If we get a good response the Town Council will have to respond. Not everything that will make significant positive changes will cost much money. If there is a strong response this will help get the funding. Must have SMART goals. if we talk to different groups and they fill out the surveys it is important that they get feedback quickly. However, groups may vary in their responses.

Marjorie Iveson remarked that the three questions seemed a bit vague and this would inevitably raise queries from the Ladies’ group when they were presented with them. Ian said that this was deliberate to avoid steering people in a particular direction.

Chris Lawton said that there were two guiding principles behind the questions: They were designed to get people to engage with the process and the answers will be used to help the survey group to crystallise their thinking when determining where to weight the bulk of the survey questions.

The “pin-it-down” document gives some guidelines regarding the purpose of the Plan.

People need to see that the plan will empower them to make things happen if they engage with it. Presentation of the survey needs to be professional and attractive. Not pages and pages of dull-looking text.

Action: Richard will leave a further 200 surveys in his shop before he leaves on holiday.

Perry raised the question of the “Stake-Holder List” . . .

Who in the Council makes things happen? Karin Sedgewick on District Council or Roger Harrison-Topham.

Perry would like to put together a list of businesses and find out where the gaps are.

Marketing and communications
Tied up with waiting for the grant before “Hot Toddy” can be brought in to run one of the training sessions . Difficult to formulate a strategy before the training has been received. Need to set the date. There is £1500 in the budget.

Action: Chris Lawton to contact ‘Hot Toddy’ and find out available dates in September when they might offer training.
A vote was taken and all were in favour.

Lessons learned and successes
Chris G “ This is more difficult than when we first looked!” This is why we need the Project Manager.

The answers to the questions will help move things forward. Funding application is done - so this is an achievement we can celebrate.
Perry has volunteered to analyse the results of the questions.

Any Other Business
• Redo the Skills Order once we have the Project Manager.

• The minutes need to be included on the Town Council Site now that the tab has been put in place.

• Explanation and questions to be put into “Leyburn Life”.

Action : Marjorie iveson to speak with Trixie.

Meeting closed at 8:55 p.m.

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