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Minutes of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group Meeting
held Tuesday 14th June 2016 at Thornborough Hall, Oak room

Those in attendance: Ian Pace - Chairman, Sandra Charles, Perry Gardner, Nigel Watson,
Reverend Chris Lawton, Michael Hepper, Christopher Grayell, Philip Reed, Marjorie Iveson, and Richard Sanderson.
Gillian Wall – Stronger Communities NYCC
Andy Wilkinson – Wensleydale School

1.Apologies were received from:- Primary School

Resignations were received from:- Trixie Walker and Sarah Beniams who due to work pressures are unable to continue in the group.

2. There were no declarations of interest.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved. Proposed by Chris Grayell and Seconded by Michael Hepper.

3. Matters arising
IP gave a brief resume of the planning & budget meeting of 2nd June, it had been a very useful meeting. A price for an 8 leaf questionnaire had been obtained £500 but further quotes would be sought. IP had also met with Julia at the school discovering that the children were well used to completing questionnaires. The aim will be for results from questionnaires to go directly into the town web site, this will save any inputting of data. GW had provided additional information to CL & PG. MH volunteered to take the minutes of the following meeting as Sandra will be away.
CL informed us that as far as he knew the Leyburn Plan Tab had not been added to the Leyburn Town Council web site.

Action IP to check Tab progress with Julie.
4. Project Plan
CL explained how the Project Plan had been formulated at the meeting of June 2nd, starting with known events and key dates that helped with mapping timescales. Thought to be a sensible timescale bearing in mind all that needs to be done. There are 96 action points on the plan. Leyburn is a large community with many businesses. Richard explained that following a discussion it had been agreed that to produce the Town Plan properly and take a bit longer was better than not achieving what we set out to do. Some names had been tentatively entered onto the Plan. This plan can be added to or changed by agreement of the steering group.
Updating of the Excel Project Plan – SC agreed to take this on.
To facilitate best use of steering group members skills a form will be distributed to all for completion as soon as possible and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Acceptance of the Project Plan was proposed by NW and seconded by IP.
All of the steering group accepted the plan.

5. Budget
All of the steering group had been sent the budget prepared on 2nd June.
GW had reviewed it and agreed that costs were appropriate. There is a small budget for a professional project manager, ½ day for 26 weeks. The PM (Project Manager) is likely to be from RAY as it is important that they have the appropriate skills and necessary experience, they will be expected to act as a facilitator as well.
There are budgets for working groups within the main budget.
There had been discussions on a logo and it was agreed that a professional was required. CL explained that completion of the questionnaire will be
mainly online when capturing data from people from a wider area via social
media. A local company Hot Toddi can provide training & support with marketing & communications via 2 workshops. It will be available for the whole of the steering group.
Acceptance of the budget was proposed by PG and seconded by CG. All of the steering group accepted the budget.

6. Benchmarking survey
IP gave details about the proposed Benchmarking survey being carried out by LTC on Saturday 25th June and Thursday 30th June, several steering group members have volunteered to assist with this. The group was asked to consider the 3 questions which it is intended will be incorporated into the Benchmarking survey.
This will form the first part of the Consultation process.
Answers to these questions will be completed on the day, not via email or electronic means.
PG suggested that some sort of obvious identity for those assisting with the survey, showing our connection to the steering group was required. A few options were voiced including matching T shirts, printed T shirts, badges, however considering the short timeframe although it was a good idea it was not felt feasible to achieve this in time for this event. There was discussion that the Consultation Sub Group should provide some simple text of what the town plan is, why we are doing it, what we want from it for the benchmarking volunteers to have on the day. It was agreed that it would be good to have some students from Wensleydale school assist with the benchmarking survey, AW was confident that students would be more than happy to participate.
The reason behind these 3 questions is to get people interested and thinking about the town plan.
NW asked when we may get results from the benchmarking, apparently it is a long process.
There was some discussion over the wording of the 3 questions. It was agreed that Question 2 wording would be amended to “If you could change two things about Leyburn what would they be” instead of asking for one thing which would probably be Parking.
RS volunteered to provide 200 A4 copies of the final version of the 3 questions for use on benchmarking days.

Action IP to speak to John – can we have some results quickly.
7. Consultation Plan Update
SC stated that there had been no updates to this plan. This has now been incorporated into the Project Plan.

8. Marketing and Communications
TW had been the lead on this but following her resignation a replacement
was now required. IP gave details of the 4 working groups for which volunteers were required. Steering group members were asked to consider which group or groups they would volunteer for. It was agreed that the Action Planning Sub Group would come much later in the Town Plan process and therefore it would be left aside for now.
Members of the Planning Sub group will remain as listed in the agenda.
Volunteers for the Survey Sub Group were – NW, RS, CG plus a student from the school council. (AW will liaise)
RS agreed to be the Lead for the Survey Sub Group
Volunteers for the Consultation Sub Group were – SC, KG(via RS) MI, PR plus a student from the school. (AW or Julia will liaise)
PR agreed to be the Lead for the Consultation Sub Group
Volunteers for the Marketing and Communications Sub Group were – CL, PG, PR plus 2 students from the school. (AW will liaise)
CL agreed to be the Lead for the Marketing and Communications Sub Group

CL updated the group on the Data storage issue. NYCC were willing to offer 5GB - it has limited access but would be useful for Backup. He recommended that we all use DropBox for safe distribution and saving of documents. This was agreed by everyone. CL agreed to offer tuition on DropBox for those who do not know how to use it. Please contact him to arrange a convenient time.
CL agreed to write some user Rules for DropBox, for example all documents going into the Public Domain should be in PDF format.
CL requested the following File Naming Format be used by all of the group –
Year Month Day – Descriptor Eg 20160617 – Minutes from Planning sub group
Protection of documents was discussed and it was agreed that the Project Plan should be Read only by Password protection as only one person should be amending it.

Following a brief discussion on the need for a Town Plan Email account, it was agreed that a Gmail account should be created and then managed by the Marketing & Communications Sub Group

Action AW
To approach students to join sub groups – 1 or 2 on each

Action CL
Write Rules for use of DropBox

Action ALL non proficient DropBox users. Arrange tuition from CL

Action SC
Password protect Master Project Plan for use with DropBox

Action Mktg & Comms
Create & manage gmail account

9. Lessons Learnt and Successes
IP updated the group on a presentation he had given to the Patient Participation Group at Leyburn Surgery recently. There was encouraging feedback and offers of publicity from the Darlington & Stockton Newspaper and Karin Sedgwick.
CL stated that we should ensure that we are always aware of potential Risks.
PG stated some observations taken from recent visits to other small market towns comparing them to Leyburn.
RS stated that the Town Council were aware that the appearance of entrances to Leyburn could be improved upon.

10. AOB
IP stated that the steering group needed a Deputy Chair. RS agreed that he would be Deputy Chair.
IP reminded the group that a Skills Audit Form would be sent out by email to each member for completion as soon as possible and return to Julie via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
MI offered to take some of the 3 benchmarking questions along to a ladies meeting, RS agreed to provide her with some blank forms.
IP agreed to provide a few words of explanation for Marjorie to have with her.

Following an earlier brief discussion it was agreed that a short update on the Town Plan progress could be publicised via the Leyburn Life magazine. NW offered to write this based on the minutes of each meeting, this would be 1 month is arrears and agreed with IP.

IP stated that he should have budget information for the next meeting.

IP requested that each Sub Group should hold a meeting before the next planned Steering Group meeting – that is before Tuesday 12th July.
Please note that the dates for the steering group meetings were listed at the end of this meeting’s Agenda.

Action MI
Hand out “3 questions” at forthcoming meeting
Action IP
Write short script for MI

Action NW write short article for Leyburn Life

Action IP
Arrange Planning Sub Grp mtg
Action RS
Arrange Survey Sub Grp mtg

Action PR
Arrange Consultation Sub Grp mtg

Action CL
Arrange Marketing Sub Grp mtg

ACTIONS from previous meetings
Date of Action Brief Description WHOM Progress
10/05/16 To gain Stronger Communities funding a‘Planning for real’ event is required Provision has been made in the budget.
Action Ongoing
10/05/16 Printing costs to be requested from NYCC Francis B Provided to IP -minuted 14/06/16
Action Complete
10/05/16 Chair to meet with Julia Polley at Wensleydale School IP IP reported at 14/06/16 mtg
Action complete
10/05/16 Funding application to be completed IP,CL,NW,GW & PG Meeting held on 2 June. Action ongoing
10/05/16 Data storage required -requirements to be given to JF for forwarding to Carol Haynes & linking to LTC website PG Action part completed

Action Ongoing
10/05/16 Town Plan Tab to be added to LTC website. JF to contact Carol Haynes JF IP to confirm with LTC

Action Ongoing
10/05/16 Minutes of future meetings to be completed by SC SC Taken over on 14 June Action complete

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