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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council was held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on Monday, 19th June 2017 at 7.00pm.



Present:            Cllr Walker                  Cllr Begley


                        Cllr Pace                      Cllr Medley


                        Cllr Read                      Cllr Bradford




                        District Cllr Duff






A resident of Moor Road had serious concerns about the dangerous driving of heavy goods vehicles and agricultural vehicles on Moor Road.  His wife had been clipped by a lorry recently as she walked down the side of the road and had fallen.  The speed limit needs to be reduced to 20 m.p.h. to prevent a serious accident.  Another Moor Road resident spoke about the same concerns and felt that a footpath should be built to protect pedestrians.



A Dale Grove resident informed councillors that traffic is still coming down through the Dale Grove estate trying to access the new houses at Maythorne Meadows because there are still signs for the new development at the mini roundabout.



The Council was given forms by the PCSO present at the meeting to log a request to have speed monitoring carried out on Moor Road. She informed those present that the Police are aware of the speeding issues around the town.  She suggested that the town entrances could be made more prominent so that drivers are made aware that they are entering a


30 m.p.h. speed limit.  It was agreed, however, that this would not slow down the wagons and the tractors.



The pavement flagstones next to the war memorial are damaged due to vehicles crossing the pavement to access the High Street.  Councillors agreed that moveable bollards would be a sensible solution but that the ambulance required an alternative parking space to be agreed if such action was carried out.



District Cllr Duff informed Councillors that a business owner on the trading estate had kindly offered an alternative location for the proposed new telephone mast for the western side of Harmby.  This offer will be looked into.



3451.  APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Sanderson and Harper.  The Chairman informed those present that Cllr Borman had tendered his resignation from the Town Council and this has been accepted.



3452.  To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council’s Code of Conduct or Members’ Register of Interest - Cllr Read declared an interest in item 7(a).



3453.  MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 15th May – Councillors approved the minutes of the meeting as a correct record.






Metcalfe Farms had responded to a letter regarding the speed of their agricultural vehicles on Moor Road and they would remind drivers to drive with caution.  No reply had been received from Bikers.



The Clerk read out a reply received from NYCC Highways in response to a letter raising concerns about the lack of a footway on Moor Road and the speed of vehicles coming down from the quarry and Metcalfe Farms.  They regretted that a footway could not be provided since the highway width is too narrow to accommodate a pavement of the two metre minimum width required.  Additional road markings on the actual carriageway showing 30 could be placed at the top of the hill and lower down.  It was agreed by Councillors that Highways must be contacted about reducing the speed limit.



There are no highways restrictions on Richmond Road to prevent vehicles parking along the grass verges.



NYCC Highways will not renew the lettering on the disabled bays at the chemists shop since the policy is now to mark the carriageway in front of the bays instead.



The RDC Dog Warden has put up more dog-fouling signs near the Primary School.



A disposal bin has been organised for the disabled toilet at Kelberdale Terrace.



Kirkwood Hall will be putting up a sign and this is currently being designed.



The Council had not yet received a reply to its letter to the quarry regarding the problem of dust.



The Big Spring Clean had been a success despite the poor weather.



Allan Morris was thanked for all his hard work in tidying the town prior to the Food and Drink Festival.  He had carried out an excellent job.



The Food and Drink Festival organisers had thanked the Town Council for their donation towards the event and Leyburn Band had also passed on their thanks for the support of the Council as patrons.



A Patients Participation Group open evening will be held at Leyburn Medical Practice on Wednesday, 21st June.



RDC is holding a Self-build & Community-led Housing Seminar at Tennants on Friday, 21st July from 10.00 a.m. - 4.00 p.m..



The building rubbish opposite Leyburn Station next to the railway line appears to have been removed.



Prices had been obtained to paint the inside of the market shelter and to fix wooden slats onto the old metal seats inside.  It was agreed to go ahead with these jobs and the work will be paid for with remaining Town Team funding.



3456.  REPORTS FROM MEETINGS ATTENDED BY COUNCILLORS - There were no meetings to report back from.





Decision/Comment Required


  1. Yarker Bank Lane Land Registry objection - Councillors agreed the appointment of Mr John Hall of Hall & Birtles Solicitors to represent the Town Council.


    Decision/Comment Required

    1. Councillors agreed the hire rates for the small wedding room from 1st April 2018 when the Town Council takes over the running of it.



    1. The Council is seeking a caretaker for morning duties at the Hall to start by the end of June.





Update - It is hoped that the questionnaire will be ready by September.







a.  17/00171/FULL  Full planning for the removal of existing 11.5m high monopole, the installation of a 12.5m high phase 5 monopole and 2 cabinets (a BTS3900A Stacked cabinet, measuring 600  x  480  x  1400 mm and an RFC (1800) cabinet, measuring 600  x  480  x  700  mm) and associated development at Telecommunications site 19671, Leyburn Livestock Auction Mart, Richmond Road. GRANTED


 b. 11/00133/FULL RDC/7100A/03 Listed Building Consent and Full Planning Permission for Extension, Conversion and Refurbishment to Provide 2 No. Single Bed Flats, 26 Market Place, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5AS GRANTED

  1. 17/00156/FULL Full planning to removal of existing doorway and replace with stone to match existing house at 1 Shawl Terrace. GRANTED

  2. 17/00112/LBC Listed Building Consent for internal and external alterations to existing dwelling at Trevor House, Richmond Road. GRANTED

    Decision/Comment Required

  3. 15/00844/FULL Full Planning Permission for Erection of 41 Dwellings, Formation of Means of Access, Associated Parking and Landscaping – AMENDED PROPOSAL

  4. 17/00323/FULL Full Planning Permission for Rear Two Storey Extension to Create a Larger Third Bedroom to the First Floor and an Open Plan Kitchen and Dining Area to the Ground Floor (Revised Application) at 49 Dale Grove, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5JG

  5. 17/00312/FULL Full Planning Permission for Change of Use From Plant and Goods Storage Area to Garden Centre Display and Sales Area and Replace Temporary Boundary Fencing with Permanent Fixed Boundary Fencing and Access Gates at Wensleydale Garden Centre, Commercial Unit 1, Station Yard, Harmby Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5EY

  6. 17/00311/AA Advertisement Consent for Fixed Post and Board Sign 2.4m wide x 1.2m high Advertising the Garden Centre Name and Contact Details at Wensleydale Garden Centre, Commercial Unit 1, Station Yard, Harmby Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5EY

  7. 17/00268/FULL Full Planning Permission for Portal Frame Agricultural Building for Straw Storage Purposes at Washfold Farm, Moor Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5JZ

  8. 17/00334/FULL Full Planning Permission to Convert Attic to Create a Further Two Bedrooms, Wet Room and Installation of Two Dormer Windows to the Rear at Thornborough Lodge, Moor Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5AD

  9. 17/00351/FULL Planning Permission for Change of Use From Office Use to a 3 Bedroom Domestic Dwelling at Penthwaite, St Matthews Terrace, Harmby Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire, DL8 5EL

  10. 17/00378/APDN Prior Approval of Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Building to Dwellinghouse (C3) and for Associated Operational Development at The Agricultural Barn, Wensley Road, Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

    Councillors made comments as follows:

    Item (e):  The traffic problems at the top end of Brentwood and the exit onto the main road need to be resolved before more traffic is created by the additional homes.  Long-term problems with drainage and sewerage should also be resolved.  There should be restrictions put in place to prevent householders from developing more housing within their gardens.  It was also agreed that the original 40% affordable homes rule should have been applied rather than the 30%.

    Item (f):  The roof should be a hipped roof.

    Item (g):  The sign should be smaller.

    Item (l):  Since the building is in a prominent position, the garden and parking areas should be screened by bushes or trees.

    Councillors had no objections or comments on the other applications.

    3461. MARKET

    Decision/Comment Required


  1. Councillors awarded Bridget Holmstrom from Stokesley a permanent pitch on the market to sell clothing and other items for personalization.

    3462.  ACCOUNTS

    Decision/Comment Required


  1. Councillors approved the May accounts as attached.

  2. The public right to inspect the accounts will be from 3rd July to 11th August 2017 by arrangement with office.

  3. Councillors considered the report of the Internal Auditor and were satisfied with his findings.

  4. Councillors approved Section 1 ‘Annual Governance Statements 2016/17’.

  5. Councillors approved Section 2 ‘Accounting Statement 2016/17’. 

  6. Councillors appointed the Clerk/RFO as the Service Administrator for internet banking as per LTC Finance Standing Orders.


    A resident had asked if the pavement down to the Medical Centre could be gritted in icy weather.  The Clerk will request this when winter comes.

    Love Lane requires weeding again and one of the adjoining householders will be asked to cut back overhanging branches.

    Grove Square road markings urgently need to be repainted.  The Clerk will contact the lining company again.

    RDC will be asked if they can install a dog bin along the path behind bungalows near Rowan Court.

    RDC will be asked if they can put chicken wire across the windows and doorway in the Thornborough Hall woods folly to prevent litter from being thrown inside.

    Wagons are not abiding by the permitted times shown on signs on Moor Road.  NYCC Highways will be contacted.

    Tractors are often parked part-way on pavements in the town centre whilst their drivers call into the shops.

    3464.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 17th July  2017 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

    Meeting closed

    By Order of the Council.

    The meeting was re-convened after item 13 with the press and public excluded in accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 para 12 Schedule 12A part 1 in order to discuss a staffing matter.


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