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A Meeting of the above named Council convened by the Council will be held in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall on 20th February, 2017 at 7.00pm.

Present: Cllr Walker Cllr Pace
Cllr Begley Cllr Medley
Cllr Bradford Cllr Read

District Cllr K Sedgwick

Mr A. Gordon of Richmondshire Leisure Trust addressed Councillors on the current work of the Leisure Trust. He reported that following the success of the summer camps held in Colburn, it is hoped the Trust can offer a summer camp in Leyburn this year. The Trust is now working with Leyburn Leisure Club and is helping them to promote their club and its activities. The Leisure Trust can also help and give support to any other local sports clubs in the area should they need it. Mr Gordon will send copies of their latest information leaflets to Leyburn Library. Information can also be found on their website www.rltrust.org.uk plus on Facebook Richmond Swimming Pool and
Twitter R_L_Trust. Councillors thanked Mr Gordon for attending the meeting.


A member of the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group, reported on a pre-survey session held at Leyburn Community Primary School and had received enthusiastic responses to questions on what they like about Leyburn and how it could be improved. One issue the children raised which they felt important, was the matter of dog fouling. The young people were fed up of it on the pavements on their way to School and on the Dale Grove play area. On their behalf it was asked if the Town Council could look at providing more dog bins especially on Dale Grove and Maythorne near the School.

3394. To receive apologies for absence and consider approving reasons given –
Apologies were received from Cllrs Sanderson, Harper and Borman. Approval was given to the reasons for the absence of Cllrs Sanderson and Harper. Cllr Borman’s reason for absence was not approved.

3395. To receive any Declaration of Interest under the Council’s Code of Conduct or Members’ Register of Interest. Cllr Begley declared an interest in item 6(f)

3396. MINUTES OF MEETING held on Monday, 16th January 2017 were approved as a correct record.


The Town Council office had received a number of complaints over the past month on the matter of dog fouling. Some of the areas reported were the same as mentioned by the School children, namely outside the Primary School and Dale Grove play area. Other footpaths reported were one which runs east to west between Rowan Court and Brentwood and other footpaths on Brentwood. These areas would be reported to the Dog Warden and Cllrs asked that RDC Streetscene team be contacted to with a view to carrying out another walk around the Town with the paint sprays to highlight dog mess.

Bellerby Parish Council was willing to have a partnership arrangement with Leyburn for a matrix sign. Councillors were in favour of this and the Clerk will follow this up with Bellerby and possibly look to include any other nearby parish which may be interested.


Councillor Pace reported on various meetings the Leyburn Town Plan Steering Group had held recently. On 26th January an open meeting for local Parish Councils to attend had taken place. On 3rd February the Wensleydale School Debate took place which had been very successful and well attended. Their monthly meeting had been held on
14th February, various works on the Town Plan was ongoing and it was hoped to send the Survey out in May.

Items Circulated

a. Clerks & Councils Direct – January, 2017


a. Clean for the Queen - Litter pick around the Town on Saturday, 4th March 2017
from 10.00 – 12.00. Meet in Market Place.

b. Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday, 3rd April at 7.30 p.m. Items for inclusion on the agenda must be submitted to the Clerk by Friday, 17th March 2017.

c. Position of Deputy Clerk awarded to Mrs. Charlotte Smith of Bellerby.

Decision/Comment Required

d. Councillors awarded the sole right to sell ice cream on Leyburn Market for April 2017 - March 2018 to Brymor Ice Cream. Brymor will be encouraged to use the electric points in the Market Place and LTC will look to allocating them a permanent area near to the electric points in the future.

e. Councillors reviewed the charges and rules for placing tables on Town Council land for 2017. It was agreed to leave the charges as last year and there were no changes to the rules.

f. St Andrew’s Church, Grinton. Councillors granted permission to hold a car boot sale in Parks Field, Grinton on Monday, 29th May 2017.

g. Murphy’s Fair - Cllrs granted permission to Mr. J Murphy to hold Fair in Leyburn Market Place from Friday evening 19th - 21st May 2017.

h. Leyburn 1940’s weekend - Councillors granted permission for the organisers to use part of Grove Square for the weekend 22nd & 23rd July.

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors discussed the RDC rent for RDC community desk in Library as from 1st April, 2017. Cllrs made the decision that although the desk would only be open three days as from 1st April the rent should remain the same, but the surcharge would be reduced to 10%. The RDC will be informed of this.


a. 16/00864/Full Full planning to replace 7 wooden framed windows with UPVC double glazed windows and replace wooden front door with exact replica timber front door and timber side panels. 8 Manor Court, Moor Road. Granted

b. 16/00870/Full Full planning for extension to rear of Heanor House,
6A St. Matthew’s Terrace. Granted

c. 16/00904/Full Full planning to replace existing windows with white UPVC, 2 Crown Court. Granted

Decision/Comment Required

d. 16/00691/Full Full planning to replace wood sash and pivot windows and doors with white wood grain mechanically jointed UPVC at 3 Quarry Hills Lane, Leyburn

e. 17/00039/Full Full planning for a rear single storey extension and retrospective permission for a lean to garden room and utility/porch area at Chestnut Cottage, Harmby Road

There were no objections to planning applications (d) and (e)

Decision/Comment Required

Councillors awarded the Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance grass cutting and maintenance Contract for 1st April, 2017 to 31st March, 2018 to
A. & J. Garden Services Ltd.

Decision/Comment Required

a. Councillors approved the accounts as attached.

b. Councillors discussed the possibility of closure of all HSBC accounts and open new accounts at Barclays Bank. The Clerk was given permission to speak to Barclays Bank to obtain banking details and also information on banking at the Post Office should be sought. This matter will be brought back to the next meeting.


Cllr Pace had received complaints regarding debris on Moor Road which seemed to be coming out on wagon wheels from the quarry and the road to the recycling centre. This was especially hazardous to cyclists who are regular uses of this road. NYCC will be informed of this

It was reported that the defibrillator outside the Chemist shop had recently needed to be used and the code had not been to readily available in the shop. The Clerk will follow this up.

Councillor Pace and others were concerned about a private firework display at a property on Grove Square recently and the extremely loud noises from the fireworks. The Clerk was asked to find out if the Town Council has any powers regarding fireworks/firework displays

The state of the grass verges outside properties on Richmond Road was raised. Some verges are becoming very churned up due to cars parking there and are looking very unsightly.

Cllr Medley reported concerns when on trying to contact the Kirkwood Hall sheltered housing complex in the Town her calls were not answered and there was no answerphone to leave a message. This matter will be followed up with Kirkwood Hall.

Cllr Bradford reported some subsidence on the main road along the High Street, on the zebra crossing and in front of HSBC Bank. This will be reported to NYCC Highways.

3405. DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday, 20th March 2017 in the Oak Room, Thornborough Hall at 7.00 p.m.

Meeting closed
By Order of the Council.

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